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CMS Upgrade Notes

See an overview of the newest CMS changes and features.

Current CMS version

As of January 28, 2019, we are using Cascade version 8.11. See Hannon Hill's release notes.

CMS 8.11 key changes

Preview Draft button

The Save & Preview button has been replaced with Preview Draft. The function is the same - the label has been changed to reduce confusion.

Preview Draft button screenshot

As a reminder, the general workflow for editing a page is:

  1. Make your edits in the CMS
  2. Preview Draft - Only you can see your edits in the CMS.
  3. Submit - Other CMS users can now see your edits in the CMS. You can also use the spellchecker as part of submitting.
  4. Publish - Your edits are made to the stage and/or live sites.

Slide-out menus

The drop-down menus for Select a Site and Add Content have been replaced with slide-out menus. The functionality remains the same.

Slide out menu screenshot

Publishing destinations

The CMS allows you to publish to two locations:

  • Staging: can only be seen by those on the UCSD network or VPN - good for drafts of changes
  • Delivery: the live site, visible to the general public

You may not see these options when you first try to publish an asset. Click the > next to View Publish Settings to expand the selection and view both destinations.

Once you expand the Publish Settings, the CMS will remember your choice for the next time you publish. We recommend keeping this option open so you know which destination(s) you are publishing to.

publishing screenshot

Absolute dates

You can now see the exact date that an asset was modified, instead of relative dates (for example: "Two months ago").

Absolute dates screenshot

Additional changes

The upgrade also provides a number of behind-the-scenes technical improvements that won't be visible to most users.