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CMS Upgrade Notes

See an overview of the newest CMS changes and features.

Current CMS version

We are now using Cascade version 8.3. See Hannon Hill's release notes.

CMS 8.3 Introduction Webinar (April 12, 2017)

Key changes

You should know about these changes before working in the new version of the campus CMS:

New display

The first thing you will notice when you log in is that the display is different. The CMS has been redesigned with components that are larger and more clear.

  • CMS dashboard - The new dashboard is larger and more colorful. You can customize the dashboard widgets.
  • Navigation window - The top menus no longer have tabs. Instead, you will see a number of buttons for common functions based on what you are viewing in the main window.
  • Editing screen and WYSIWYG - Editing screens now 'pop-up' over the CMS instead of remaining in the right window. The WYSIWYG has changed slightly as well.

Naming conventions

Some of the labels the CMS uses to describe certain fields has changed.

  • System Names - "System" is no longer used in the CMS field labels. When you see fields like "Page Name," "Folder Name," "Image Name," etc. These refer to the system name of those elements. These names will be part of the URL and must follow system name naming conventions.
  • Metadata - Previously called "In-line metadata," this includes the Display Name, Title, Summary and Author. In the current version, these fields do not have a specific, separate name. In the current version, you can see a "Metadata" button when editing a page. This is not for Display Name, Title, Summary and Author.


  • The workflow for editing pages more clearly distinguishes between creating a draft and submitting a page.
    1. Start editing a page
    2. Save & Preview - Saves a draft that you can return to later
    3. Submit - Creates a new version of your edits in the CMS
    4. Publish - Implements your edits on the live site
  • Adding pages - A new Add Content link in the top menu bar streamlines adding new pages, folders, files and images.
  • File chooser - A standardized file chooser is used for linking to internal assets. It includes a search function and the ability to upload new assets.

New features

  • Comments - Users can comment on pages within the CMS.
  • Image captions - Advanced options for inserting an image now allows for image captions to be included.

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/cms