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V5 Enhancements

Learn about two new enhancements to the version 5 (V5) homepage template and modules.

Hero image enhancements

You now have new options for hero images at the top of your homepage:

  1. Center the headline and blurb instead of left align
  2. Choose different button colors:
    1. Yellow
    2. Orange
    3. Gold
    4. Cyan
  3. If you don't have the correct sized images, you can pick a pre-canned background with a graphic overlay:
    1. Pick a background color–Dark Blue, Light Blue, or Neutral Gray
    2. Pick a graphic overlay–Library or trident logo

Example of dark blue background with centered headline, trident graphic, and an orange button:

Hero image example

Example of gray background  left-aligned headline, trident graphic, and a cyan button:


Hero image - gray

Complete the fields you want to use.

  • Slide type: You now need to choose from Image (upload your own) and Default (pre-canned backgrounds)
  • Headline alignment: Choose Left or Centered. (This will change the alignment of both the headline and the blurb).
  • Headline: Large, white, all caps text rendered towards the top of the image
  • Headline Break (yes/no): A second, indented headline
  • Blurb: Smaller, white text rendered below the Headline. Will be omitted on smaller screens.
  • Button: Enter "call to action" text.
  • Button Color: Choose from Yellow, Cyan, Orange, or Gold
  • Link Type: Choose an internal or external link
  • Internal/ External Link: Navigate to the internal link or enter the external link
  • Background Image: (If Slide type is Image) Use the file chooser to select your image (size: 1440 x 530 pixels)
  • Slide Background Color: (if Slide type is Default) Choose from Dark Blue, Light Blue, or Neutral Gray
  • Overlay Graphic: Choose Trident, Geisel Library, or none.

Hero image edit screen

 Add a trident background to the call to action module

You can now replace the image in call to action module with a yellow trident background. This also changes the call to action button from yellow to blue:

Call to action with trident background


Note: This page has a friendly link that is easy to remember: