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Register Your Main Device

Follow these steps to register your phone or other device to use two-step login with the Duo app.

To use two-step login, you'll need to register a device that you normally have with you whenever you log into your student account or access campus networks. Most users choose a mobile phone as their primary device because it provides the most seamless two-step login experience.

The Duo app can be installed on:

  • iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.0 or greater
  • Android devices on Android 7.0 or greater

This page discusses registering a device for the first time. If you've already done that, here are the instructions for adding additional devices (strongly recommended so you have a backup when your primary device is unavailable).

If you've already installed the app, you may go straight to the registration portal (; otherwise, read below for detailed instructions.

1. Install the Duo app on your mobile phone

Before starting the process to register a mobile device to use two-step login, it's a good idea to install and open up the app. The process for iOS is documented below, and is similar for Android.

Step 1: Find the Duo Mobile app. Note that other apps may appear, so be sure you're installing Duo Mobile with the green logo.


Step 2: When you open the app, you'll probably want to allow Duo to send notifications. This will lead to the most seamless experience using two-step login. Otherwise, each time you log in you'll have to open the app to approve.


Step 3: Get ready to add your account in the Duo app. You can either tap ADD ACCOUNT, or tap the plus symbol in the upper right corner.


Step 4: The Duo app needs to access your camera to complete the registration process (see screenshot below). Allow the access, then put the phone down momentarily to continue to the device registration interface.


2. Register your mobile phone for two-step login

Visit the registration page ( and log in with Active Directory. When you see the screen below, click Start setup to get going.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

Choose the type of device to add. Using a mobile phone as your primary device is highly recommended because it provides the most seamless two-step login experience, and you probably always have your cell phone close at hand.

Select the radio button and click Continue.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

Enter the mobile phone's number, click the check box to confirm, and click Continue.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

Choose the type of phone you're registering, and click Continue.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

You'll be prompted to install the Duo mobile app (if you haven't already). See instructions above.

Once the app is installed, click I have Duo Mobile installed.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen Screen shot of Duo registration screen

Follow the on-screen instructions to open your Duo app and scan the barcode that appears on screen. You may need to grant Duo permission to access your camera.

This is the key step that ties your identity to your device!

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

Congrats! You've enrolled your device.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

With your device registered, set your preferences for using it. When you register a cell phone with Duo, it is approved to receive calls or push notifications for two-step login.

The easiest way to complete two-step login is to have Duo automatically generate a push notification.

Screen shot of Duo registration screen

With your mobile phone registered, learn more about using two-step login, including registering secondary devices, like an alternate phone number, or receiving passcodes you can use as a backup for when you don't have your phone.

Questions? Find step-by-step instructions in Duo's online guide, or if you still need help, contact or call (858) 246-4357.