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Retirement of the Duo Callback Option

Learn about the removal of the phone callback option from Duo account authentication, why it is happening, and when.

As announced in in an October 17 campus notice, UC San Diego has recently experienced an increase in phishing attacks that seek to exploit the phone callback option for two-step login (provided by Duo Security).

To reduce the possibility of further incidents, the callback option for Duo two-step login will be progressively retired between November 2022 and March 2023 for all UC San Diego students, academic employees, and staff, including UC San Diego Health personnel.

Please note that UC San Diego Health has already fully disabled the phone callback option for Health-specific applications. Read more about Health personnel using two-step login to access campus resources at

Please read the following information so you’ll be prepared and can seamlessly access critical services like Canvas, My Tritonlink, Ecotime, UCPath and more.

Duo Phone Callback Phased Retirement Schedule (Based on Six-Month History)

Phasing out Duo phone callbacks will be conducted progressively, with the service being retired for all users by the end of March 2023. Users will begin receiving direct communications one week before their scheduled Duo phone callback retirement date. 

Upcoming Retirements - January 31, 2023

  • Academic employees, staff and students with last names M-R who received a Duo phone callback in the 6 months leading up to November 2022.

Previous Retirements

  • Academic employees, staff and students who DID NOT RECEIVE a Duo phone callback in the 6 months leading up to November 2022. (This group constitutes over 100,000 users and is a majority of Duo users.)
  • Academic employees, staff and students with last names A-L who received a Duo phone callback in the 6 months leading up to November 2022
  • New users (ie new academic employees, staff and students) 

Preparing for the Transition: Add Another Device for Two-Step Login

All users, and especially those who regularly use Duo phone callbacks, can prepare for the transition by reading the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) “Add Another Device for Two-Step Login” (KB0030104) at

Duo Mobile App as Preferred Authentication Method - Works Even without Cell Reception or Wi-Fi

We recommend using the Duo mobile app to complete two-step login. It is compatible with devices running iOS 13.0 or greater or Android 8.0 or greater. Options on the app include:

  • Push notifications (preferred) - receive a pop-up message when you try to login; the Deny/Accept screen shows you the location of the attempted login, the time, and the user. 
  • Passcodes - generate a secure, six-digit passcode right from the app. This function works anytime, anyplace - cell reception or Wi-Fi not required. Read more in the KBA "Duo Two-Step Login with No Wireless or Cell Service."

Receiving a push notification on a personal or university-issued smartphone or tablet is the simplest and most secure way to use two-step login. Tomorrow (October 26, 2022), UC San Diego users with a compatible smartphone registered for Duo, but who are not currently receiving Duo push notifications, will receive an email inviting them to do so. Note: the email will be from

Reactivate Duo Push

If you recently got a new phone with the same number you have previously used with two-step login, follow reactivation process to receive push notifications on the new phone.

Alternate Authentication Methods

Duo push notifications are available on . If you absolutely do not have a compatible device, please review information about hardware tokens in the KBA "Add Another Device for Two-Step Login" (scroll down about halfway). 

Exception Requests for Disability Purposes

Individuals who require the phone callback option when a disability prevents the use of another authentication mechanism are asked to email Please do not include any medical or disability-related information in the request.

Questions and Support

If you need further help or have specific questions about two-step login, please contact the Service Desk using one of the following methods:

Questions? Find step-by-step instructions in Duo's online guide, or if you still need help, contact or call (858) 246-4357.