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Departmental IT professionals, learn about SentinelOne antivirus at UC San Diego.

About SentinelOne

SentinelOne is an advanced anti-malware program which uses the behavior of malware in addition to file signatures to detect and protect against:

  • Executable and file-less based malware/ ransomware
  • Browser and document exploits, scripts, and credential/ memory scrapers

Departments will be provisioned an instance in the SentinelOne cloud console to view and manage malware threats within their environment.

Note: Sentinel One is for UC San Diego owned equipment only at this time. For personal equipment, see this page on antivirus software.

If you do not have an IT department please note that in the request comments.


SentinelOne will recognize the behaviors of ransomware and prevent it from encrypting files.

Windows rollback feature: allows the return of files to a known good state if the ransomware does somehow manage to encrypt files.

Offline protection: The client will protect against malware threats even when the device is disconnected from the internet. However, the administrative visibility and functionality in the console will be lost until the device is back online.

SentinelOne at UC San Diego


SentinelOne is provided by the Office of Information Assurance at no cost to campus units or individuals.


To get an instance, fill out the SentinelOne New Account Request Form.

We will create your department’s instance, provide you with the details on how to log in and use the software, and provide you with an initial block of 50 licenses.Contact IT Security if if you need an additional block.

You have full autonomy for the settings within your instance with the exception of changing Duo login settings.


SentinelOne offers clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux and can be installed on workstations, servers and VDI environments. SentinelOne can be installed on many older operating systems. If you would like to find out if a specific OS is supported, contact IT Security.

You do not need to uninstall your old antivirus program, but you can choose to as SentinelOne works as a complete replacement for traditional anti-malware solutions.

The SentinelOne client uses a small amount of system resources and should not impact your daily activities.

Learn more about SentinelOne.