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Departmental IT professionals, learn about FireEyeHX antivirus software at UC San Diego.

About FireEyeHX

FireEyeHX is an advanced anti-malware program that is available for UC San Diego–owned equipment only at this time. For personal equipment, see this page on antivirus software.

If you do not have an IT department, please note that in the form request comments.


FireEye HX Endpoint Security protects your endpoints with a multi-engine protection in a single modular agent:

  • Blocks common malware with a signature-base engine
  • Stops advanced threats with the machine learning engine, MalwareGuard
  • Halts application exploits with the behavior analysis engine, ExploitGuard
  • Detects endpoint threat activity with a real-time indicator of compromise (IOC) engine
  • Enables response to breaches with tools and techniques developed by front-line responders
  • Obtains a complete activity timeline for forensic analysis

FireEyeHX at UC San Diego


FireEyeHX is provided by the Office of Information Assurance at no cost to campus units or individuals.


To get an instance, fill out the FireEyeHX New Account Request Form.



FireEyeHX offers clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux and can be installed on workstations, servers and VDI environments. FireEyeHX can be installed on many older operating systems. If you would like to find out if a specific OS is supported, contact IT Security.

You do not need to uninstall your old antivirus program, but you can choose to as FireEyeHX works as a complete replacement for traditional anti-malware solutions.

The FireEyeHX client uses a small amount of system resources and should not impact your daily activities.

Learn more about FireEyeHX.

For more information, contact