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Cybersecurity Certification for Research

UC San Diego’s Office of Information Assurance instituted the Cybersecurity Certification for Research (CCR) process in 2020 to help secure research assets. By self-certifying now, you can protect yourself and make meaningful progress towards meeting the new requirements. The objectives of this program are to establish foundational security measures that become the baseline of important security leading practices. Self-certification will be required on an every 3-year basis.

How to Become CCR Certified

Step 1

Download and install Anti-Malware and Vulnerability Identification software. Special Installers available for:

  • Main campus users
  • UC San Diego Health and Health Sciences users
  • San Diego Supercomputer users

Step 2

Record lab information and computer security details in Kuali. The Data Collection Workbook (for offline collection) contains 3 tabs:

  • Tab 1: General Information
  • Tab 2: Lab Information
  • Tab 3: Computer Security & Backup Information

Enter collected data into the Kuali certification form

Have additional members of the lab complete the Lab Worker attestation form. For more details see the site for this optional activity.

Step 3

PI certifies the accuracy of information entered on the Kuali form

Need Help Completing the Workbook or Submitting the Certification Form?

To obtain installers and for step-by-step instructions, log in to the CCR site (Active Directory password required)

Contact us with questions or for an appointment at

Join us for CCR Office Hours: Thursdays from 1-2 p.m. (log in to the CCR site for link).


Campus faculty and researchers, email for assistance. 

Health Sciences faculty and researchers, email