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Upgrade to Unified Messaging

IT Services is preparing to transition all campus voicemail accounts to the new UC San Diego Unified Messaging platform. This page describes the actions you'll need to take to complete the transition.

As of November 2018, IT Services is preparing to transition all campus voicemail accounts to the new UC San Diego Unified Messaging platform. While most work will be done behind the scenes, you will be required to perform a few brief actions to complete the transition.

Following the transition, you’ll still enjoy maximum flexibility in checking your messages, including:

  • Retrieving directly from your office phone or dialing in from another landline or cell phone
  • Receiving an audio file via voicemail

What’s Changing:

  • New access number to retrieve messages: 42000 from your office phone, or 858-534-2000 remotely.
  • Action prompts (like delete and forward); see accompanying instructions.
  • Password: Now called security code, and won’t transition to new system.
  • The "Speech To Text" feature of receiving an email transcript of each voice message is no longer included as a standard feature. However, it is available as an "Opt In" request at no charge to users who currently have an email associated to their voicemail accounts. Please call 2TEXT if on campus or (858)822-8398 if calling from off campus. Leave your name, extension and email adress so that we may add the feature for you. You may also email this information to


    If you currently do not have an email address associated to your voicemail, you will need to Submit a CSR.

Note: Two "Opt In" features are available

  • Opt In Simple: Includes Message Waiting Light on phone, one email notification with Speech To Text translation, and the WAV attached to listen to the recorded voicemail message. You can use your email account, or an outside email account. You will need to call into the voicemail system to turn the MEW light indicator off of your instrument.
  • Opt In Full: Includes Message Waiting Light on phone, and two separate email notifications. The first email provides the wav file to listen to. The second email will contain the wav file, and Speech To Text Translation. Reviewing either email will turn off your message waiting light on your phone.

Transition Process:

  • IT Services will transition voicemail accounts in phases based on extension. You’ll begin receiving voicemail and email alerts before your phone number’s transition date.
  • Upon notification, follow steps to set up your box (noted below and will be included in email alert). It’s recommended to set up your box before your transition date, but box setup can still occur after the transition date.
  • Even after the transition date, you’ll still have access to your old messages for a limited time 

New Box Setup

  • Access new system by dialing 42000 from your campus extension or 858-534-2000 remotely
  • If calling from off campus, press # before entering your mailbox number. If on campus, simply enter your five-digit extension followed by the default security code (given to user at time of CSR) for security purposes.
  • Follow prompts to change security code and record your name and personal greeting.
For more information, contact the ITS Customer Service Team at (858) 534-4277.