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ReadyTalk Teleconference Support

Get information about using ReadyTalk.

This page provides an archive of support information for users who have not yet transitioned to Zoom, the recommended replacement for ReadyTalk. Note: The contract with ReadyTalk has expired and this information may not be up to date.

UC San Diego IT Services is no longer accepting requests for ReadyTalk accounts. The request form for new accounts is closed.

ReadyTalk use by UC is currently not covered under any contract. The following no longer apply:

  • Appendix DS
  • Pricing Agreement
  • Terms & Conditions

Current ReadyTalk users: contact itsbilling@ucsd.edu to cancel your account.

Learn more about using Zoom for teleconferencing.

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Learn about ReadyTalk conferences and support functions

Decide on the type of conference and any additional services

  • Conference types:
    • Audio conference
      • Reservationless
        • The most cost-effective at less than 3 cents per minute per participant
        • Maximum of 96 participants. If you have more participants, contact ReadyTalk at (800) 843-9166.
      • Reserved, or Operator-Assisted
        • Contact ReadyTalk at (800) 843-9166.
    • Web conference
      • No additional cost
      • Deliver visual content and interactive presentations to your meeting.
  • Additional conference services: See ReadyTalk’s Online User Guide for more information, or contact ReadyTalk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to:
    • Record your conference for less than 3 cents per minute.
    • Order Archive Hosting for 20 cents per minute per month.  Use the above guide to learn how to download the recording and delete it from the ReadyTalk site so that you would not have a recurring monthly cost.

Plan your teleconference

  • Decide on the date and time. (Consider time zones.)
  • Contact participants ahead of time and give them the following information:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Toll-free number for participants in the U.S. and Canada (or international toll-free number if you’re paying for the long distance charges for your international participants, or provide them with the toll number if you prefer that they pay the toll charges).
    • 7-digit access code
    • Specify whether it is an audio conference, or both audio and Web. If there is a Web component, provide participants the URL: http://www.readytalk.com. Tell participants to join a Web conference by entering the Access Code that you provided them on the "Home & Login" page.

Participate in the teleconference (as a host or participant)

Hosts: For a handy reference to setting up and starting your conference, see the ReadyTalk Getting Started Video.
  • Call the number to join the conference at the arranged date and time. Remember to log on to ReadyTalk if the conference includes Web participation.
  • As a host, enter your 7-digit access code, press * on your phone keypad when prompted, then enter your passcode to start the conference.
    As a participant
    , simply enter your 7-digit access code when prompted.

Note: To enable the touch-tone feature on your campus desk phone, press 9 before entering the 7-digit access code.

Review your charges

  • Conference charges will appear on your Telecommunications recharge statement, accessible via FinancialLink.
    • Look for account code 634039 with the description of  "TELECOM OFF-NET SERVICE RECHG".
    • Another way to look up the recharges is by clicking on the "Telecom Recharges" report in FinancialLink.
      • In the "View a PDF Statement box", select the appropriate mail code, and the date range.
      • Once the PDF statement is available, locate the appropriate index and look for "Teleconference Services".
  • Note that it may take from one to two months after the conference has taken place for the recharges to post to the ledger as this depends on the billing cutoff every month.
  • Each conference call will be assessed a $2 processing fee, in addition to the cost of the call.

Note the following regarding Recordings/Archives hosted on the ReadyTalk website:

  • If you have chosen to record a conference, note that you will be a charged a monthly archiving fee by ReadyTalk.  This charge is recurring for each conference until you delete it from the ReadyTalk website. You do have the option of downloading the recording to your computer.  If you choose to download the recording, remember to delete the archive from the website to avoid future charges. Below is a user guide on how to manage your recordings: 

Get more information

  • For billing and basic help questions, UCSD's itsbilling@ucsd.edu.
  • For expert assistance regarding the services, contact ReadyTalk customer service line, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (800) 843-9166 or (303) 209-1600
  • ReadyTalk account representative, Kim Morse, (303) 209-1624

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