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Configuring a BlackBerry Device to Use Encrypted (WPA2-E) Wireless Services at UCSD

Follow these steps to set up your BlackBerry device to use WPA2-E encrypted wireless at UCSD.

Before you begin, you must have:
  • A BlackBerry running BlackBerry OS 4.0 thru 7.1. (See Blackberry Z10 for instructions for that device.)
  • An Active Directory (AD) username and password. Your username is usually the first part of your UCSD e-mail address (before the @ symbol). If you forgot your password, reset it at http://adpass.ucsd.edu.


  • These instructions are based on the BlackBerry Bold. Configuration may vary depending on your model and cell phone service provider.

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1. Scan for available wireless networks.

  • Navigate to Manage Connections.
  • Select Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
  • Select Scan For Networks.
  • It may take a few minutes for your device to finish scanning for available networks. Once completed, select UCSD-PROTECTED.
Step 7 set up network

2. Configure the Wi-Fi Security menu for UCSD-PROTECTED.

  • Security Type: Select PEAP.
  • User name: Enter your Active Directory (AD) username.
  • User password: Enter your AD password.
  • CA certificate: Select AddTrust External CA Root.
  • Inner link Security: Select EAP-MS-CHAP v2.
  • Token: Leave as None Selected.
  • Server subject: Leave blank.
  • Server SAN: Leave blank.

3. Connect to UCSD-PROTECTED.

  • Click Connect.
  • Once connected, select Yes for "Save this Wi-Fi Network as a Profile?"
  • Click Next.
  • You are now connected to the UCSD-PROTECTED network.

Wi-Fi can be left on. Your device will automatically connect when the network is in range.

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