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Audio Visual Event Services Policies

Review Audio Visual Event Services policies before finalizing your event.


Audio Visual Event Services personnel do not have access to classrooms or seminar rooms. Please ensure our technicians can access your event venue one hour prior to the start of the event. Additional rental and labor charges will be incurred if technicians cannot access the room at specified setup or retrieval times. Equipment can only be delivered to locations accessible by elevators or wheelchair ramps.

Billing and Payment Information

An index number must be provided for all estimates and orders. Final costs may vary based on actual equipment and/or labor necessary to produce a successful event or product. If you have any questions regarding your billing, email and reference your order number.


To cancel an order, call Audio Visual Event Services at (858) 534-8265 at least two business days in advance (or by 4:30 p.m. Thursday for weekend orders) to avoid being charged the full cost of the order.

Consent and Release Forms

UC San Diego Campus Counsel recommends that consent and release forms be collected for all events that are recorded. Customers are solely responsible for obtaining and retaining consent and release forms. A general consent and release form (PDF), provided by Campus Counsel is available.

Equipment Damage or Loss

For events with an operator, customers are legally and financially responsible for all equipment damaged or lost due to customer negligence.

For events without an operator, customers are legally and financially responsible for equipment from the time it is delivered by Audio Visual Event Services staff until it is retrieved by Audio Visual Event Services staff.

Equipment Restrictions

Audio Visual Event Services reserves the right to withhold equipment based on the potential for equipment damage or safety hazards.

Event Start Time

When placing an order, the “event start time” is the time that the first guests are expected to arrive and Audio Visual Event Services equipment to be set up and ready to use. Customers are responsible for ensuring that Audio Visual Event Services technicians will have access to the meeting room or event location with sufficient time to allow for setup and testing.

Late Orders and Changes

Orders, additions, or changes of any kind are not guaranteed if requested or approved by the customer less than one week in advance. Late orders, additions, and changes will incur a late order charge of $65.00 per occurrence. Please be aware that Audio Visual Event Services will make every effort, but cannot guarantee, to deliver late orders on time. Customers are advised to submit order requests and approve their orders at least two weeks in advance.

If equipment is delivered and then removed due to rain, the order will be charged as a late cancellation. If an event is moved indoors, additional labor charges may apply, but the “late location change” fee will be waived.

Memorial Services

Audio Visual Event Services can cater any of our services for memorial services. Typical memorials include photography or video recording with sound reinforcement.

Non-Audio Visual Event Services Equipment

Time spent by Audio Visual Event Services technicians familiarizing themselves with pre-installed or customer-provided systems may be charged as labor to requesting departments. Audio Visual Event Services reserves the right to decline requests involving the operation of department-owned equipment which does not meet our technical standards. Audio Visual Event Services cannot guarantee the performance of and is not responsible for performance problems with non-Audio Visual Event Services equipment.

No Shows

We reserve the right to cancel services for an order if the user has not arrived by the requested start time. If possible, we will wait up to 10 minutes before event is deemed a "no show." We highly suggest a representative arrive at the event's setup time to confer with our technicians about equipment placement or other details of the event.

Off-Campus Deliveries

Off-campus deliveries are subject to transportation and mileage fees and availability.


Audio Visual Event Services orders are subject to availability. Customers are advised to submit event services orders and approve their estimates at least two weeks in advance. Orders must be submitted through the Audio Visual Event Services online ordering system.

For other services, please email

Order Estimates

Order estimate confirmation prices are only an estimate. Final costs may vary based on actual equipment and/ or labor necessary to produce a successful event or product.

Price Center & Health Science Events

Per University Centers policy, audiovisual equipment for events in University Centers program spaces (including the Price Center Theatre, Ballroom, and Plaza as well as Porter's Pub) must be ordered from University Centers Technical Services.

Audiovisual equipment for Health Sciences events must be ordered through Health Sciences AV.

Audio Visual Event Services can only provide equipment for these spaces at the request of the responsible group.

Room Configuration and Furniture

Audio Visual Event Services technicians are not responsible for configuring room furniture. Please ensure that your space is prepared prior to the equipment setup time.

User Media

Audio Visual Event Services will not be responsible for any files or media left in or saved on the equipment. For live streaming events, please ensure no copyrighted media is being played. YouTube will block any channel for copyright infringements.

Weekend and After-Hours Events

Events scheduled outside of Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. are considered weekend or after-hours events.

These order requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and will be accepted as jobs only after availability of technical staff has been confirmed. There is a four hour minimum labor charge per day for weekend orders. Additional labor charges may be incurred when equipment retrieval is required after 7:30 p.m. Audio Visual Event Services does not provide trouble call support for weekend and after-hours orders.

For general questions email or call 534-8265.