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BlinkCast: Knowledge to Go

Find archived BlinkCasts, training and educational audio and video podcasts for UC San Diego faculty and staff.

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Date Title Presenter Series
12/01/11 World AIDS Day Event Shaun Travers, Ph.D., Director, UC San Diego LGBT  Learn at Lunch
11/08/11 Mindful Eating Rochelle Voth, Ph.D., B.C.B.A., UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness Learn at Lunch
10/11/11 How does sexual health support my recovery from addiction? Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, and Certified Sex Therapist Learn at Lunch
08/09/11 Thinking Through: The Metaphor of "The Way" Peter Bolland, Professor, School of Social Sciences & Humanities, Southwestern College Learn at Lunch
06/14/11 East Meets West: Integrating Practices for Complete Patient-Centered Care Ryan Altman, L.Ac., Founder & Executive Director, Alternative Healing Network, Inc. Learn at Lunch
05/10/11 Living Well in San Diego on Any Income Sally Gary, Author Learn at Lunch
04/12/11 Alcohol and You: Guidelines for Healthy Drinking Michelle Brown-Shelton, MA, ATR, CEAP & John Smith, LCSW Counselors at the UC San Diego Faculty & Staff Assistance Program Learn at Lunch
03/08/11 Mindworks: A Brain-Based Program for Organizing Your Life Joan Landguth, LCSW, UC San Diego Outpatient Psychiatric Services Learn at Lunch
02/08/11 Helping Your Children & Young Adults Manage Credit and Finances Chase Peckham, Director of Community Outreach, DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. Learn at Lunch
01/11/11 How New Addiction Treatments Can Benefit Anyone Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP Learn at Lunch
12/14/10 Strategies for Managing Conflict in the Workplace Ashley Virtue, National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), Director of External Relations Learn at Lunch
11/09/10 Food as Medicine: Staying Healthy Through the Seasons Andrea Plichta, L.Ac., MSTOM Learn at Lunch
10/12/10 Inevitable Parenting Moments in Your Child and Teen’s Sexual Development Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP Learn at Lunch
09/14/10 Empowering and Energizing Families Through Music Julie Guy, MM, MT-BC, NMT, Co-Founder, The Music Therapy Center of California Learn at Lunch
08/10/10 In Search of Balance Michele Nowak-Sharkey, Dean of Education, International Professional School of Bodywork Learn at Lunch
07/13/10 Handling The Angry Adolescent Gina Simmons, Ph.D., LMFT, Co-Director, Schneider Family Services Learn at Lunch
05/11/10 Got Peace? How to Create a Sustainable Meditation Practice Jeff Zlotnik, Co-Founder, The Meditation Initiative Learn at Lunch
04/13/10 Compassionate Communication: A Language of Life Marcelline Brogli, MFT, Certified Trainer, The Center for Nonviolent Communication Learn at Lunch
03/09/10 Be Smart With Your Money: Understanding Your Personal Financial Standing Chase Peckham, DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. Learn at Lunch
02/09/10 Cocoon to Butterfly: Creative Midlife Change Lisa Longworth, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
01/13/10 Good Grief and Not So Good Grief Dr. Sidney Zisook Health and Wellness, Learn at Lunch
12/08/09 Forgiveness at Work Crystal Green, Ph.D., LMFT Learn at Lunch
11/10/09 Breath Flow: Gateway to Ecstatic Transformation R. Christian Munson, CTBF Learn at Lunch
10/13/09 What is Sexual Health in Couples? Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, Director, Sexual Dependency Institute of SD Learn at Lunch
08/11/09 Holistic Pet Care: Raising Healthy and Happy Pets Naturally Dr. Barrie Sands, VCA Emergency Animal Hospital and Referral Center Learn at Lunch
07/14/09 Anxiety & Stress: An Alternative Perspective Robert Solomon, M.D., Director, Coastal Psychiatric Medical Associates Learn at Lunch
06/09/09 The Soul Mate Manifesto: Attracting a Deep and Satisfying Love Jaime Kornsweig, CC, LAc, MSTOM Learn at Lunch
05/12/09 Managing Anger at Work, With Loved Ones, and Within Ourselves Jay Schneider, LCSW Learn at Lunch
04/14/09 Ancient Secrets to Live a Long and Healthy Life: Qigong Fay McGrew, M.A., QTP Learn at Lunch
03/10/09 The Soul Side of Step-Parenting Diana Weiss-Wisdom, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
02/10/09 Staying Financially Healthy in Economic Hard Times Stephanie Murphy, Regional Director, Consumer Credit Counseling Learn at Lunch
12/09/08 Family and the Wonderful, Happy, Peaceful, Very Good Holiday Sherry Reasbeck, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
11/10/08 Healthy Mediterranean Cooking Julia Engstrom, UC San Diego Dining, Retail, and Conference Services Learn at Lunch
10/14/08 Work as a Heroic Journey Marion Ross Hubbard, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
08/12/08 The Elephant in the Conference Room: Redefining Office Politics Grace Judson Learn at Lunch
07/08/08 How to Jump Start Your Marriage/Relationship Anne Goshen, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
06/03/08 Cyberstalking: Identifying and Examining Electronic Crime in Cyberspace Bonnie D. Lucks, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
05/13/08 How to Stand Up for Yourself When Someone Tries to Control You Jeff Jones, Ph.D. Learn at Lunch
03/11/08 Longterm Care Planning: The Myths Surrounding Medi-Cal Benefits and How to Qualify Your Family Members Phil Lindsley, J.D., CELA Learn at Lunch
02/12/08 How to Pay for Your Kid's College When You Make Too Much Money David Alemian Learn at Lunch
01/08/08 A Brand New Jigsaw Puzzle: Welcoming 2008 Ron Kempton Learn at Lunch
12/11/07 Aging Brilliantly, Living Vibrantly John Smith, LCSW, FSAP counselor Learn at Lunch
11/13/07 Men and Online Sexual Behavior: Worry, Problem or Compulsion? Doug Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP Learn at Lunch
10/09/07 Witches' Brew: Soups and Stews Julia Engstrom, UC San Diego Dining, Retail, and Conference Services Learn at Lunch
07/12/11 The Heart of Healing Dr. Roger Cavnaugh, Ph.D. Health and Wellness
04/26/11 Allow Joy Back into Your Life Shawn Pelofsky Health and Wellness
01/12/11 The Neurobiology of Wisdom Dr. Dilip Jeste Health and Wellness
11/30/10 Mind, Brain and the Path of Peace Dr. Roger Cavnaugh, Ph.D. Health and Wellness
09/28/10 Ergonomic Risk Factor Awareness: Avoiding Repetitive Pain and Disability Julia Jensen Health and Wellness
08/11/10 Did You Choose Your Parents Wisely? Genetics Studies of Psychiatric Conditions John Kelsoe, M.D. Health and Wellness
06/24/10 Eyes Wide Open About Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Don Kikkawa Health and Wellness
05/18/10 Cancer in the Family Tree Linda Madlensky, Ph.D. Health and Wellness
04/27/10 Myth or Fact: Can What We Eat Affect Our Body's Acid-Base Balance? Vicky Newman, M.S., RD Health and Wellness
03/11/10 Food For Thought: Healing Foods to Savor Vicky Newman, M.S., RD Health and Wellness
02/25/10 Don't Just Do Something - Stand There and Listen! Tina Friedman, MSW Health and Wellness
12/03/09 Gratitude: Giving to Oneself and Others Dr. Roger Cavnaugh, Ph.D. Health and Wellness
11/05/09 Hypnosis: A Path to Better Health Dr. Edwin Yager Health and Wellness
10/14/09 Very Shy: Social Anxiety from Kindergarten to College Dr. Murray Stein Health and Wellness
09/22/09 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Dr. Steven Thorp Health and Wellness
08/18/09 The Latest on LASIK Eye Surgery Dr. Dorothy Wang Health and Wellness
07/29/09 Blood Pressure, Stress, and Ethnicity Dr. Denise Cooper Health and Wellness0
06/11/09 Steps You Can Take to Prevent, Detect, and Manage Skin Cancer Dr. S. Brian Jiang Health and Wellness
05/20/09 Emotions Matter: Using Emotional Intelligence to Work With Others Dr. Ernie Mendes Health and Wellness
04/01/09 Feeling the Burn: Treating Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Dr. Ravinder Mittal Health and Wellness
03/19/09 Heartburn or Heart Attack? Treating Cardiovascular Disease in Women Dr. Denise Barnard Health and Wellness
02/05/09 Managing Arthritis Effectively Dr. Kenneth Kalunian Health and Wellness
01/13/09 Pain Management: Therapeutic Cannabis Usage Studies for Cancer Pain Symptoms Dr. Mark Wallace Learn at Lunch, Health and Wellness
07/23/13 Summer Quarterly Event. Victim or Victor? The Choice is Yours. Chris Timmins, Author, Speaker, Teacher and Community Service Advocate Wellness at Lunch
12/11/12 The Stuart Collection: A World Famous Art Collection in Our Own Backyard. Mary Beebe, Director of the Stuart Collection at UC San Diego Wellness at Lunch
11/13/12 Veg-Appeal: Whole Food, Plant-Powered, and Planet-Friendly Cooking Sheila Fisher, Ami Chitalia, and Tracy Childs, co-founders of Veg-Appeal Wellness at Lunch
09/14/12 Premarital Financial Planning: Seven Steps to Wedded Bliss Chase Peckham, Director of Community Outreach, DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. Wellness at Lunch
08/14/12 The Six Fundamentals of Sexual Health for Healthy Living Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, John Smith, LCSW, Counselor, UC San Diego FSAP Program and Janette Shelton, Disability Management Counselor, UC San Diego ACCES Program Wellness at Lunch
06/12/12 Internet Safety: If You Think You Know What Your Kids are Doing Online... You Don't! Detective Susan Righthouse, San Diego Police Department Wellness at Lunch
05/29/12 The Mind's Healing Power: Next Step in Advancement for Gene Research and Brain Function Tom Bartol, Ph.D., Computational Neuroscientist, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla Wellness at Lunch
04/10/12 Good Addictions, Bad Addictions, and Healthy Habits John Smith, LCSW, Counselor at the UC San Diego Faculty & Staff Assistance Program Wellness at Lunch
02/14/12 Building a Personalized Eldercare Plan Ann Butterfield, RN; Tony Bevin; Sydney Kennedy, CSA; and Michelle Brown-Shelton, M.A., ATR, CEAP. Wellness at Lunch
08/12/14 Faculty and Staff Training: Graduate Student Individual Development Plan Zoe Ziliak Michel, Ph.D., Graduate Fellowship Advisor Staff Education