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Learn about WalkMe

WalkMe on Campus and Health Sciences Technology

With the support of campus IT and Health Sciences IT, WalkMe has become incorporated for end-users to use in their applications. Learn more about WalkMe and its features below.

What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is a DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) focused on helping users understand online applications required for work through contextual help on their interfaces. WalkMe is on-demand for users, and can be triggered–or stopped–based on user interaction. As new processes emerge, users can continue WalkMe guides in understanding them. From user guides and videos, to supporting external website links, WalkMe end-users and implementation owners alike have central access to support and understanding of applications–no guesswork necessary.

Why use WalkMe?

For both users and implementation owners, WalkMe offers a myriad of benefits.

Users with WalkMe have access to:

  • Step-by-step guides for major processes.
  • Resources and on-demand help within the application.
  • Help icons defining values and fields.

Implementation owners also can:

  • Report on training material efficacy.
  • Directly communicate to users in the application. 
  • Access low maintenance and adaptable materials.

Latest News on WalkMe

WalkMe Approved for Campus and Health Sciences Computers

The Enterprise Information Services Committee has approved the deployment of the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to all university-managed workstations, including Health Sciences, beginning October 28, 2021. WalkMe is a tool that ensures that all transactions are recorded into the system with complete and accurate information to avoid rework by fiscal/fund managers. 

With the support of the campus and Health Sciences IT community, the WalkMe browser extension will be automatically installed on all university-managed workstations. Users will be notified directly by their IT support team with more details on the deployment.  

Read more about the deployment, and the underlying rationale, in the October 19 campus notice.

Important WalkMe Resources

Submitting a Request Demo

To test out WalkMe for your application, submit a request form here.

Downloading WalkMe for Users

For WalkMe users, download the WalkMe extension to access help and resources.