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WalkMe Approved for Campus and Health Sciences Computers

The Enterprise Information Services Committee has approved the deployment of the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to all university-managed workstations, including Health Sciences, beginning October 28, 2021. WalkMe is a tool that ensures that all transactions are recorded into the system with complete and accurate information to avoid rework by fiscal/fund managers. 

With the support of the campus and Health Sciences IT community, the WalkMe browser extension will be automatically installed on all university-managed workstations. Users will be be notified directly by their IT support team with more details on the deployment.  

Read more about the deployment, and the underlying rationale, in the October 19 campus notice. Learning more about WalkMe and its features below.

What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform that focuses in supporting users to adopt the applications required to perform their work. The range of features that WalkMe provides, supports users as they explore a new application or new processes in an old application by providing contextual help. Users can also access resources outside of the application, like user guides or videos, and links to external websites that support the business process. For implementation owners, this means that help resources have a central access point within the application. Strategically applied, it takes the guesswork out of what drop down menu selections mean or how to complete the next step of a process.

WalkMe's focus and goal is intuitive User Experience and efficiency. To accomplish this goal, WalkMe can be used to augment an applications User Interface to provide intuitive actions for faster completion of processes. These and other WalkMe functions are there, on-demand, when you need help. 

When to use WalkMe? 

Use WalkMe at your convenience. WalkMe is on-demand help that can be used as you prefer. All the guidance and resources are meant to support you as you learn and adopt applications. Once users feel confident in their knowledge of the application, they can choose to stop triggering step-by-step guides. At that point, we recommend keeping WalkMe available as new processes emerge, new supporting documentation will appear to guide users. Also, application teams can deliver communications directly to users in the application. This information can be crucial to be the first to know when the application will be undergoing maintenance or when processes have changed.

Who Uses WalkMe?


Everyone who interacts with application currently running WalkMe can download the WalkMe extension to view help and resources. 

Application Owners

The University's WalkMe service currently supports any web-based application across all areas to adopt and implement WalkMe.

Benefits of Using WalkMe


  • Step-by-step guides for major processes.
  • Help icons with definitions for values and fields.
  • Access to all help resources from within the application.
  • On-demand help, no need to wait for scheduled trainings.

Application Owners

  • Low maintenance, adaptable training materials.
  • Reports on training material efficacy.
  • Direct communications to users in-application.

Current Systems Using WalkMe

  • Ecotime
  • Jacobs School of Engineering CMS
  • Kuali Build
  • Kuali Research
  • Kuali Conflict of Interest
  • Oracle Financial Cloud
  • Oracle Budget
  • OnBase
  • Payment Compass
  • ServiceNow
  • SAP Concur
  • UC Outside Activity Tracing System

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