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Using the MyDashboard Chart Toolbar

Toolbar icons at the top of each chart perform special functions for that chart.

While you're in MyDashboard you can move the mouse pointer over each icon to see what it does. This page shows more information about the icons.

Go directly to MyDashboard.

To use MyDashboard, you need a Business Systems account and authorization to use EmployeeLink, FinancialLink, or Blink Student/ Class Info.

Note: Toolbar icons vary depending on the kind of chart you have open.

If you want to Click this icon To get these results
Get help using MyDashboard Open a new window with a brief MyDashboard tutorial.
Send a chart to Microsoft Excel Open the current chart in Microsoft Excel, where you can alter the chart, print it, or insert it into other documents.
Mail your chart to a co-worker Open the MyDashboard Chart Mailer screen where you enter the recipient's address and the message.
Open your chart in QueryLink Open the query that was used to develop the chart.
Print a chart Open a new browser window with a larger version of the chart, suitable for printing.
Delete a chart from MyDashboard Delete the current chart.
Update a chart Update the current chart by re-running the query that created it and refreshing the chart with the new data.
Round off the data Open the Chart Rounding window for choices of rounding off figures in the data.
Change the chart type

Change the current chart to a:
Column chart

Bar chart

Line chart

Stack chart

Pie chart
Turn labels, values, and percentages on and off

Toggle between showing or not showing:
Category labels (pie charts only)

Value labels

Percent labels

For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.