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MyDashboard Tutorial: Creating a Student Chart in QueryLink

Follow this tutorial to create a student chart in QueryLink, then save it in MyDashboard.

Go directly to MyDashboard.

Note: To use MyDashboard, you need a Business Systems account and authorization to use EmployeeLink, FinancialLink, or Blink Student/ Class Info.

1. Open the query.

  • Click the Queries button on the top of MyDashboard.
  • Under Student Queries, click Campus Classlist 3rd Week.

2. Load saved query.

  • Click the Click here to view public queries tab.
  • Click Load on the row with query titled PHYS 121 enr_hist.

3. Enter course information.

  • Click the Course tab.
  • Change the values of Course and Course Department Code as needed.
  • On the lower right screen, select Chart Wizard from the Send Data To drop-down menu.

4. Submit the Query.

  • Click Submit to send the query to the Chart Wizard.

5. Complete the Chart Wizard steps.

  • Enter a chart Title, which will appear at the top of your chart.
  • Leave the remaining options as they are.
  • Click Submit to run the query against the database.

6. Review your chart and add it to MyDashboard.

For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.