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How to Share Your Chart in MyDashboard

With MyDashboard you can designate charts that you want to share, and specify which users can see the charts.

Go directly to MyDashboard.

Note: To use MyDashboard, you need a Business Systems account and authorization to use EmployeeLink, FinancialLink, or Blink Student/ Class Info.

1. Specify that your chart is shareable.

  • Click the Edit MyDashboard tab.
  • Click the View/Edit link next to the chart you want to share.

2. Designate who can share your chart.

  • Either enter the e-mail addresses of those you want to share with, or check the box marked share with everyone.

3. Submit your sharing information.

  • Click the Update Share List button.
  • You will see the e-mail addresses of users who will receive your message that your chart is available.
    If you checked the box to share with everyone, your chart will appear on the list of shared charts.
For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.