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How to Add a Personal Chart in MyDashboard

In MyDashboard you can create a chart with local data.

Go directly to MyDashboard.

Note: To use MyDashboard, you need a Business Systems account and authorization to use EmployeeLink, FinancialLink, or Blink Student/ Class Info.

1. Open the Personal Chart Template.

  • Click the EDIT MyDashboard tab to open the Editor.
  • Click any Add Chart button at the right of the Editor screen.
  • On the new screen, click the link to go to the Personal Chart Template.

2. Enter personal data by one of these 2 methods.

Submit the Microsoft Excel Personal Chart Template.

  1. Download the Excel template by clicking the Microsoft Excel Personal Chart Template link.
  2. Fill in the values (described below in the Web-based Personal Chart Template section).
  3. Save the Microsoft Excel Personal Chart Template to your local hard drive.
  4. Return to the Web-based Personal Chart Template, click the Browse button, and find the template that you just saved.
  5. Choose the file and click Open.


Submit the values on the Web-based Personal Chart Template.

  1. Enter the values for each category:

    Chart Title Appears at the top of the chart
    Chart Type Column, Bar, Line, Stack, Pie, or Text chart
    Category Title Appears on the horizontal axis of the column, line, and stack charts, the vertical axis on the bar chart, and the pie slices on the pie chart
    Sub-Category Title (optional) Further breakdown of the category; appears in a legend
    Value Title Appears on the vertical axis of the column, line, and stack charts, the horizontal axis on the bar chart, and the pie slice values on the pie chart
    Category Names Actual categories to use in the chart.
    Sub-Category Names (optional) Actual breakdowns of the corresponding category
    Category Values Actual values to use in the chart

3. Preview and add the chart to MyDashboard.

  • Click the Preview Chart button to preview the chart data.
  • If the chart is OK, click the icon to add it to MyDashboard.
  • Click your browser's Back button to continue defining your chart.
For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.