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Business Systems — Listed by Name

See a list of UC San Diego's Business Systems, listed alphabetically with short descriptions.

You can also view a list of Business Systems by function.

Offers Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) and campus users a central source for maintaining security and access information for the campus systems.

Offers access to UC San Diego budget and staffing records, as well as Online Transfer of Funds (OLTF) information.

Property Administrators can change their capitalized asset database online, and electronically dispose of or transfer department assets.

Data Warehouse
Primary access repository for data from the central campus systems, and other sources, consisting primarily of "read-only" data repositories.

Provides faculty and staff with access to the campus Data Warehouse for ad hoc reporting needs.

Allows staff to perform merit and timekeeping processes and to dynamically generate reports on payroll and employee data.

Facilities Information System
Provides access to campus maps, buildings, space inventory, as-built drawings, and floor plans.

Allows faculty and staff to process financial transactions, forecast expenses, and generate reports with extensive drill-downs.

UC San Diego's central financial system of processes and applications that support the administration of financial data on campus.

Central student system of processes and applications that support the administration of student-related data on campus.

Links to UC San Diego job listings, recruitment information, and procedures for current employees, managers and applicants.

Allows campus to create and issue purchase orders to suppliers for goods and service

Sends an e-mail notice to the designated approver when information that needs approval is submitted.

Displays charts, graphs, and reports that are relevant to you, and refreshes the information as often as you’d like.

Online expense reporting system for meetings, programmatic activities, and entertainment

Simplifies fund reporting for fund managers and principal investigators.

Shows an online summary of your leave balance, including vacation, sick time, and compensatory time activity.

Provides an online history of your Staff Education training courses.

Staff can report travel expenses online for most UC San Diego business travel events.

Computer-based processes and applications that support the administration of employee-related information.

An easy way to access Data Warehouse information without knowing a programming language.

Part of the central student system, includes processes and applications that support the administration of student aid data on campus.

SQL Executer
Enter Sybase SQL statements with this Web-based tool to access information in the Data Warehouse.

Blink Student/ Class Info
Allows faculty and staff to process and report on student and course information such as class rosters and student records.