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Zoom: Manage attendees

Find out how to manage attendees during a Zoom meeting

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Turn off Join Before Host feature

There are multiple ways to turn of the Join Before Host feature:

  1. From the Zoom Client for Meetings select the down arrow next to your account name, go to My Profile, select My Meeting Settings and slide the button to the left to turn off Join Before Host.
  2. From the Zoom Client for Meetings select the Schedule tab, go to Meeting Options, select Advanced Options, uncheck the Join Before Host
  3. You can also turn off Join Before Host for any scheduled meeting by selecting Meetings at the bottom of the Zoom Client for Meetings, hover over the meeting, select Edit, select Advanced Options, uncheck Join Before Host and click Save.
  4. From the Zoom web portal, sign in, select My Meeting Settings and slide the button next to Join Before Host to the left to turn it off.

Remove unwanted attendees from your meetings

Select Manage Participants on the host controls bar, hover over or right click on the attendee, select the More tab, select Remove at the bottom of the list of options to dismiss the attendee.

Lock your meetings in progress to keep unwanted attendees from jumping in

At the bottom of the attendee list select, the More tab and check the Lock option from the options listed.

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