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Exchange Email Upgrade

Read about the upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2016 email environment, part of Microsoft's Office365 suite of cloud-based applications.

About the upgrade

UC San Diego has begun upgrading the Exchange email environment to Microsoft's Office365 cloud as part of an initiative to improve IT security. The upgrade will help IT Services provide a more secure environment to all of our customers with the added benefit of many new features. 

UC San Diego Health Sciences

(UC San Diego School of Medicine, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, hospitals, and clinics.)

Refer to the Cloud Email page for specific instructions on our email exchange migration.


The upgrade will enhance your workplace environment. Some highlights include:

  • Improved OWA (webmail) interface
  • Integration with other Office365 products
  • Better search
  • All email quotas will increase to 99GB
  • Other features that can be used to increase efficiency and improve navigation of your mailbox.

The upgrade will significantly improve email performance and IT security. Behind the scenes, the new environment provides more tools to detect and prevent IT security events. ITS Security will be able to use these tools to detect, and prevent security issues and better protect your data.


 IT Services is working with departments and divisions to schedule the migrations.

  • Early adopters began moving to the new environment in October, 2016.
  • Entire departments were migrated beginning February 2017 and will continue through May 2017. Departments or divisions are being moved together to minimize any issues with shared calendars.

Your IT Support team will send an email to your department or division notifying you the week before you are scheduled move. This email will have specific details of what will happen and how to get support.

Email migration process and user impact

  1. Your account will be synchronized to the new environment behind the scenes before the cutover. During the cutover itself (in the middle of the night), your email will be inaccessible for 15-20 minutes. No email will be lost during the period.
  2. Once the cutover is complete, most email clients (like Outlook) will automatically reconfigure to access email in the new environment.
    • The emal client may ask you to restart or re-enter your password during this time.
    • It's possible your email client will not reconfigure properly at the cutover. Symptoms of not reconfiguring properly include repeatedly asking you for your email password, error messages, or the a client that is just not getting new email.
    • There is documentation to reconfigure your email client yourself. If you don't want to try that, contact your local IT support personnel if you experience any issues. Extra IT support will be available in your building to assist with any issues that arise.
    • If you access UCSD email on your mobile device, you may need to reconfigure your profile there as well. We have instructions on how to do that. 

Viewing calendar details between old and new environments

While we are in transtion of managing accounts in the old and new environments, there are some things to note. The migration does affect how calendar details are viewed between accounts on the old (2010) and new (2016) environments.

  • Customers will still be able to schedule meetings and see free/ busy information between the two environments.
  • Customers will not be able to see calendar detail between the two environments.

If you have access to see someone else's calendar detail, both accounts must be migrated at the same time for you to retain access to the shared account. This is why we are moving entire departments and divisions at the same time. However, if you have detailed access to an account outside of your department, this access could be affected during the transition period. Once the shared account is moved to the new environment, this access will return.

Talk with your local IT support personnel about this if you have a specific concern.

Security terms and conditions with Microsoft

Microsoft has agreements in place with the University of California to ensure the Office365 cloud is HIPAA and FERPA compliant. Microsoft has agreed to UC San Diego's Export Control needs, ensuring that our data is always located within the United States. UC San Diego retains full administrative access to all of the data located within this environment.