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Setting Up Windows 8 Mail Using IMAP

Follow these steps to set up Windows 8 Mail to access your UCSD email account using IMAP.

Before you start, ensure that:

  • You have setup a Microsoft account in Windows 8.
  • You have your Active Directory (AD) username and password. Your username is usually the first part of your UCSD email address (before the @ symbol). If you forgot your password, you can reset it.
  • A Department incoming mail server if you are not on the central campus mail server (mail.ucsd.edu).

Microsoft Exchange

If your e-mail account has been migrated, change the following in your e-mail client:

  • Username (full and official UCSD e-mail address): username@ucsd.edu
  • Incoming server: outlook.office365.com

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Open Mail Setup

  • Click the Mail tile in the Start screen to open the Mail program
  • Press Windows key + I on the keyboard to open Mail settings
  • Select Accounts


Add an account

  • Select Other Account to add an account.

    Other Account

Enter account information

  • Select Show more details
  • Enter your UCSD email address in the Email address field
  • Enter your AD username in the Username field
  • Enter your AD password in the Password field
  • Enter mail.ucsd.edu in the Incoming (IMAP) email server field
  • Enter smtp.ucsd.edu in the Outgoing (SMTP) email server field
  • Click Connect to add the account

    Add your Other Account

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