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Setting Up Thunderbird 24 for Windows Using IMAP

Follow these steps to set up Thunderbird 24.1.1 or above for Windows to access your UCSD e-mail account using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Before you start, you need your:

  • Active Directory (AD) username and password (if you forgot your password, you can reset it here).
  • Department's incoming mail server if you're not on the central campus mail server (mail.ucsd.edu)

Microsoft Exchange

If your e-mail account has been migrated, change the following in your e-mail client:

  • Username (full and official UCSD e-mail address): username@ucsd.edu
  • Incoming server: outlook.office365.com

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1. Start your new account setup.

  • Open Thunderbird.
  • Select Tools and then click Account Settings
  • Select Account Actions
  • Select Add Mail Account
Task screenshot

2. Add your account identity information.

  • Enter your name, UC San Diego email address and e-mail password. (Remember password is automatically selected once the password is entered)
  • Click Continue.
  • After process is complete, click Manual config

Thunderbird pic 2

3. Add server information.

  • Under ‘Configuration found by trying common server names’ section, verify that the incoming server is set  to: mail.ucsd.edu,   Type: IMAP,  Port to: 993,  and security method to: SSL/TLS
  • Change Outgoing server to: smtp.ucsd.edu,  Port to: 465, and security method to: SSL/TLS
  • Click Re-test
  • Click Done, after Thunderbird has verified the settings for your email account
  • Click OK
  • Thunderbird pic 3

4. Finish your setup.

  • Click Get mail to retrieve mail.
  • When prompted to enter your password for the the SMTP (smtp.ucsd.edu) server
    • Enter your Active Directory password
  • If the Internet Security Warning window pops up, click Yes.
  • Now your computer can send and receive e-mail securely with Thunderbird.

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