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Changing Your UCSD E-mail Address or Creating an E-mail Alias

Find out how to change your official UCSD e-mail address or create a secondary e-mail alias.

Your official e-mail address is tied to your UCSD identity and can only change because of a legal name change or a valid business need. However, you may request a secondary e-mail alias if you would like a personalized e-mail address.

How UCSD assigns e-mail names

UCSD automatically creates your e-mail address using your name (as listed with Human Resources) and the following campus naming conventions. If the first option isn't available, the next option is used:

  1. First initial and last name: gbluefin
  2. First initial, middle initial, and last name: gtbluefin
  3. First initial, number, and last name: g2bluefin
  4. First initial, middle initial, last initial, and 3-digit number: gtb007

Changing your official UCSD e-mail address

  • If your name legally changes or needs to be corrected:
    • Contact your HR representative or business officer to change your name in all systems.
    • Once HR updates your name, contact the Postmaster Team to request the change to your official e-mail address. The Postmaster Team maintains your original e-mail address as an alias, ensuring that you continue to receive mail sent to the old address.
  • If you have a valid business need:
    • Ask your department director or business officer to contact the Postmaster Team. The request should explain the business need for the change.

Creating or changing a secondary e-mail alias

  • You can request a secondary e-mail alias to use in conjunction with your official/ primary UCSD address.
  • To create or change a secondary e-mail alias, send a request to the Postmaster Team.
    • Include your official UCSD e-mail address and the desired e-mail alias.
    • E-mail alias example:
      • Your official UCSD e-mail address is g1bluefin@ucsd.edu, but people often mistake the 1 for an L. You request a secondary e-mail alias of firstname@ucsd.edu.
    • Note: Secondary e-mail aliases are assigned only if available and aren't published in the online or printed UCSD directories.