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How to Subscribe to UCSD Notices and Fliers

Find out how to subscribe to UCSD e-mail announcements, including notices and fliers.

Official UCSD e-mail announcements communicate important information to the university community. Employees can subscribe to any of the following types of announcements:
  • Notices communicate information related to business activities. Notices may be addressed to the entire campus or specific groups. Go to subscription form.
  • Fliers announce general campus events and activities such as music presentations, blood drives, and campus relocations. Go to subscription form.
  • Academic fliers announce events of interest to the academic community, including colloquia, symposia, conferences, and lectures. Go to subscription form.

For detailed instructions on filling out subscription forms and unsubscribing from a list, see Mailman: For Mailing List Subscribers.

Other official UCSD mailing lists: Policy & Records Administration manages other official campus electronic mailing lists, including All-At-UCSD, Academic Senate, Clinical Faculty, All-Academic, and All-Students-At-UCSD. Visit Electronic Mailing Lists at UCSD for more information, including how to post to official campus mailing lists.

Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/notices


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