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Setting Up Android Email for IMAP

Follow these steps to set up Android 4.x to access your UCSD Exchange email account using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Before you begin, you need:

  • Your Active Directory (AD) username and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset it.
  • An Exchange account in the UCSD Campus Exchange Organization.
  • The name of the Exchange server that hosts your Exchange mailbox.
  • An Android device running Android 3.x or above
  • The Galaxy S3 doesn't accept passwords with spaces in them at this time. It is suggested that you remove the spaces from your password.

Microsoft Exchange

If your e-mail account has been migrated, change the following in your e-mail client:

  • Username (full and official UCSD e-mail address): username@ucsd.edu
  • Incoming server: outlook.office365.com

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1. Access email options.

Select Email from the main Android window or Applications drawer.

Task screenshot

2. Add your email account.

  • Enter your UC San Diego email address and password.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Click IMAP account for type of account.
  • Click Next.

Task screenshot

3. Configure your incoming server settings.

  • Username: Enter your Active Directory (AD) username (do not include @ucsd.edu)
  • Password: Enter your AD password.
  • IMAP server: mail.ucsd.edu
  • Security Type: Select SSL or SSL/TLS 
  • Port: Verity the number changes to 993 after selecting Security Type above.
  • Click Next.
Task screenshot

4. Configure your outgoing server settings.

  • SMTP server: smtp.ucsd.edu
  • Security Type: Select SSL.
  • Port: Verity the number changes to 465 after selecting Security Type above.
  • Check Require sign-in.
  • Username: Enter your Active Directory (AD) username.
  • Password: Enter your AD password.
  • Click Next.
Task screenshot

5. Configure your account options.

  • Email checking frequency: Every 30 minutes (recommended).
  • Check Send email from this account by default and Notify me when email arrives.
  • Click Next.

Task screenshot

6. Complete your setup.

  • Click Done.
  • Your Inbox will be displayed after mail has fully synched with the Exchange server.

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