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How to Receive Encrypted Emails from UCSD

Learn how to open encrypted emails sent to you from UC San Diego.

On March 1, 2016, CRES will be enabled for all Health Sciences customers. If you are not a Health Sciences customer and are interested in using CRES, fill out and submit this form:

In order to read an encrypted email from a UC San Diego sender, you must:

1. Complete a required one-time account registration with Cisco Registered Envelope Services (CRES):

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2. Use your CRES credentials to download and open the encrypted attachment:

If an encrypted email was sent to you, you will receive an email that says “You have received a secure message,” with an attachment and instructions for viewing the message.

  1. Open the attachment as instructed. Note: The image below may look different depending on your email client (Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, etc)
    email attachment screenshot
  2. If previously registered with CRES, select your registered email address in the To: field and enter your password in the Password field. If you have not previously registered, follow the directions to register with CRES, above.
  3. Click Open to view the message.