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Antivirus Software

Learn about antivirus software for faculty, staff, and students.

Find available antivirus software options below.

Faculty and Staff for Campus-Owned Computers



Sophos Endpoint Protection is available for use on UC San Diego-owned devices at no cost.


To install Sophos, contact your department's computer or technical support or send a request to

Symantec or McAfee

Symantec and McAfee anitvirus products are available for purchase from Marketplace. In Marketplace, locate the SHI [Software House International] icon from the Marketplace homepage, click the SHI icon, and select 'Punchout' from the drop-down.

Students for Non-campus Owned Computers

Search for antivirus software available for purchase from the UC San Diego Bookstore.

Contact Software Distribution Have questions or don't see what you're looking for? Contact us at