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Cloud Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learn how to establish an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account under the UC Agreement.

A UC-wide agreement for Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been established.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that an AWS account for UCSD business is covered under this agreement and in compliance with UC policy and the law.

Eligible AWS direct costs obtained through UCSD Contracts will be exempt from indirect costs (IDC) on sponsored research awards.

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Understand Appropriate Use

Review the following documents to understand the applicable terms and conditions, and allowable data use for AWS:

  • University of California AWS Enterprise Customer Agreement
    • To obtain a copy of the agreement, please contact BFSupport (login required).
  • Determine whether the data you are working with should be hosted in the cloud.
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
    • In order to cover your location’s AWS accounts under the terms of the UC AWS Enterprise Agreement (EA) and HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), follow the instructions found on the UCOP Website (PDF).

Create an AWS Account

If you have previously established an AWS account for UCSD business, then skip this step and continue to Generate a UCSD Purchase Order Number.

If this is your first time establishing an AWS account for UCSD business, follow the instructions below.

Create your account with AWS

  • Use your UCSD email address to create a new Amazon login and password by selecting “I am a new user”.
  • Proceed to provide the requested information.
  • Completion of the AWS account creation process will generate your 12-digit AWS account number.

Following the process above enables UCSD faculty and staff to create an AWS account without providing a credit card. Do not provide a credit card.

Generate a UCSD Purchase Order Number

If you are authorized to generate UCSD purchase orders through Marketplace, then please follow the directions below. If you are not authorized, then please contact the person in your department that handles this, and provide them with the directions below.

  1. From the Marketplace homepage, click on the iRequest tab and select the iRequest for Recurring Services.
  2. Select Amazon Web Services as the vendor.
  3. Complete all fields of the iRequest, including the beginning and ending date for the services. Many departments create one year service PO’s.)
  4. Enter service description, rate and quantity.
  5. Enter your AWS 12-digit account number as a Comment service description for line one.
  6. Click on “Complete iRequest and go to cart.”

If you have questions regarding how to generate your AWS PO, contact Bryan Hurley.

Connect AWS Account to UC Agreement and UCSD PO Number

Send an email to UC’s AWS account representative, Heather Matson (aws-uc-procurement@amazon.com) to:

  • Activate your new AWS account (if pertinent)
  • Include your AWS account under the terms of the UC-wide AWS agreement
  • Connect your AWS account to your newly created UCSD AWS Purchase Order number
  • Establish monthly invoicing for billable activity under your AWS account

To accomplish this, the email needs to include the following information:

  • AWS 12-Digit Account Number
  • UCSD Purchase Order Number
  • Company Name = University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
  • Your Name

Note: You will not be able to access the AWS services until you receive a response from AWS (see below) confirming that your account has been set up. 

AWS Account Activation

You will receive an email response from AWS confirming that your AWS account is now set up for invoicing under the UC AWS agreement, and providing final instructions to activate your account. Follow the instructions in the AWS activation email and your account will be active and ready for use.

AWS Issues Monthly Invoices to UCSD

AWS will issue monthly invoices for billable account activity directly to UCSD Disbursements.

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