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BI Tools: Browser Compatibility

Check to see if your browser is compatible with the BI tools used at UC San Diego.

Compatibility with most frequently used browsers

Supported Browser Cognos Analytics Tableau
Apple Safari 9 and future fix packs Apple Safari on Mac and iOS 8.x or later
Apple Safari on iOS 10.x and future fix packs iOS 8.x or later
Google Chrome (latest release) and future fix packs Chrome on Windows, MAC and Android 4.4 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and future fix packs (1) Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer 11 on Windows
Mozilla Firefox ESR 52 and future fix packs (2) Mozilla Firefox & Firefox ESR on Windows and Mac


(1) Not Supported on Windows Mobile. Not supported with Touch Enable devices (i.e. Microsoft Surface and Touch Enabled Laptops)
For Windows 10: Internet Explorer 11.0.10240.17443 and higher.
(2) IBM actively supports only the Extend Support Version of Firefox ESR 45. Customers using the non-ESR versions (46, 47...) should not experience issues unless Mozilla removes certain functionality or tools. Contact IBM support if you experience issues. If you experience issues uninstall the non-supported browser version, install the supported ESR version and turn off automatic updates.

Complete compatibility list

Cognos Analytics reporting compatibility

You can use reporting in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Web. See the required settings.

Contact the ITS Business Intelligence and Analytics Team with questions.