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Cognos Analytics: Report Distribution

Learn how to setup a Report Distribution in Cognos Analytics.

Setup Cognos Report Distribution using a service account

A report manager can schedule a report to run and have the output emailed. By default, the email will look like it came directly from that report manager's email account.

Achieve a more professional email by setting up a service account with an appropriate name (ex: and scheduling your reports to distribute from the team email:

  • Request an Active Directory account to use as the service account from
  • Give the report manager(s) "Full Access" and "Send As" permissions to the service account mailbox.

Once this account is set up:

  • Add the service account to your developer/ report manager AD group.
  • Log in to Cognos using the service account credentials.
  • Create a new or modify an existing report schedule.
  • The report will now be distributed as from the service account.
  • Recipients of the reports will be able to reply to the email received.
  • Report Managers will have access to the service account’s mailbox from their Outlook and be able to reply as the service account if a follow up is needed.
Contact the ITS Business Intelligence and Analytics Team with questions.