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Operational Data Committee (ODC)

Learn about the Operational Data Committee (ODC)

  • governance committees information flowMission: 
    • Leveraging institutional knowledge about campus operations, suggest to DAGC and apply the policy and philosophy set forth by the executive-level data governance to determine how best to prioritize resources for the purposes of reporting and analytics.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Identifies common operational pain points associated with data access, report and analytic development, training, and change management.
    • Recommends proper infrastructure, like committees, training, staffing and job classifications, across the institution to support our functional data analytic model.
    • Develop and implement data management policies: 
      • Data use and access, incorporating privacy and ethics principles defined by the ISPC
      • Internal and external reporting
      • Advise and assist on the prioritization, selection and appropriate use of enterprise analytics tools and their configurations
  • Composition: 
    • Diverse senior leaders who have working knowledge of operational data needs and contextual data requests.
  • Connection: 
    • ODC chairs report back to DAGC executive-level governance on activities and accomplishments. 
    • Works with ISPC and other key stakeholders to develop policy recommendations for DAGC
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Cadence: Quarterly meetings.