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M. Fernanda Camargo

2019 Featured Artist

Artwork by M. Fernanda Camargo

Spider Mandala, artwork by Fernanda Camargo
Spider Mandala


Ashes, artwork by Fernanda Camargo


Poly Amory, artwork by Fernanda Camargo
Poly Amory


Oil Spill, artwork by Fernanda Camargo
Oil Spill

Fernanda Camargo is a full-time scientist finishing the certificate program “Art and the creative process” at the UCSD extension. She considers herself a playful person that explores her surroundings, remodeling objects, solving problems and constantly creating forms of expression. As a scientist, she believes we have to use both hemispheres of the brain to have a healthy and balanced life, so it is essential to stimulate the right side that helps us with creative processes in order to have active the left side the one responsible for the logic and analysis: Thinking with hands!