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Staff Sustainability Network Bylaws

Read the bylaws of the UC San Diego Staff Sustainability Network (SSN).



The name of the association is the UC San Diego Staff Sustainability Network, also referred to as the “Staff Sustainability Network” or “SSN.”


Mission Statement

The Staff Sustainability Network serves as a hub that strives to foster sustainability efforts on campus and in the local community by:

  1. Bringing awareness, transparency, and collaboration to existing sustainability efforts;
  2. Providing support in pursuing new opportunities for positive impact;  
  3. Connecting faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members with similar eco-passions.  



Section 1:        Membership is made up of two types of members: Regular Members and Sustaining


A.  Regular Members

The regular membership of this organization shall be limited to career and limited appointment staff employees and non-Senate academic employees of the University of California, San Diego. Members renew their membership each year by paying annual dues of $12. Regular members can also pay a one-time fee of $48 for a lifetime membership. Prospective members who can’t afford the dues will be offered an annual membership due waiver.

B.  Sustaining Members

Sustaining members are those who wish to show support to the Staff Sustainability Network but are ineligible to become regular members. Individual members pay $12 annually to the Treasurer of the Staff Sustainability Network. Corporate/Group members support SSN based on a tiered contribution system to be determined by the chair-elect. Sustaining Members may participate in the various Staff Sustainability Network activities but have no voting privileges.

Section 2:     Voting privileges are granted only to Regular Members and become effective upon payment of the required membership fee or an offer of an annual membership dues waiver by the Executive Board.

Section 3:        Any member wishing his/her name to be dropped from the register shall indicate such in a memorandum directed to the Membership Chair of the Staff Sustainability Network.

Section 4:        Membership in the Staff Sustainability Network is open year round. An annual membership begins July 1 and expires June 30 of the next year. A membership beginning mid-year will be prorated at $1 per month until the next membership period begins.


Officers and Executive Board

Section 1:        The members of the Executive Board are the seven officers of the Staff Sustainability Network: the Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Communications Officer, Membership Chair, Events Chair, and Recording Secretary.

Section 2:        All Executive Board positions are directly elected by membership. The Chair- Elect shall have served as a member of the Executive Board during the previous Board year.

Section 3:        The Executive Board officers shall serve a one-year term commencing July 1. The Board meets monthly before the general meeting on a date to be determined at their initial meeting. Emergency meetings of the Executive Board are called by the Chair within 24 hours upon request by three members of the Board.

Section 4:        If an officer of the Executive Board is unable to complete his/her term, nominations for a replacement shall take place at the next scheduled or an emergency Executive Board meeting and a vote taken. If the vacancy occurs in the office of Chair, the Chair-Elect shall automatically succeed for the remainder of the term.

Section 5:        A quorum for the regular monthly Executive Board meetings consists of a simple majority.  For emergency meetings, 25% of the Executive Board is required.

Section 6:        The Executive Board has general direction of the affairs of the Staff Sustainability Network between its general, special meetings, and educational programs. The Board sets the hour and place of meetings, and makes recommendations to the Staff Sustainability Network membership and performs such other duties as are specified in these bylaws. The Board is subject to the orders of the Staff Sustainability Network membership.


Section 7:        Members of the Executive Board accept the responsibility of performing the duties assigned them as well as appropriate conduct and regular attendance at meetings. Should either misconduct or neglect of duty become evident, the member may be deposed from office, for cause, by the Executive Board (at a monthly Executive Board meeting) upon a motion for same and a resulting two-thirds vote in support of the motion.

Section 8:        Ex-officio membership on the Executive Board is conferred upon the immediate past Chair of the Board with the privilege of voting rights for one year. After that time, past Chairs may serve as ex-officio members. Past Chairs are not excluded from being elected as Executive Board members or holding an officer position on the Executive Board. Ex-officio membership may also be extended to any retiring member of the Executive Board if the University retirement occurs during a Board term. Such ex-officio memberships shall have the privilege of voting rights until the expiration of the Board term. No ex-officio members are counted in establishing a quorum for the conduct of Board business.

Section 9:      Duties of Officers

A.  The duties of the Chair include:

  • presiding at all meetings
  • creating and distributing meeting agendas
  • serving as an ex-officio member of all standing committees
  • appointing the chair of the Nominating Committee and the Recording Secretary
  • having general management of the Staff Sustainability Network in accordance with the bylaws and the direction of the UCSD Staff Association
  • serving on the UCSD Staff Association Executive Board, if approved

B.  The duties of the Chair-Elect include:

  • performing the duties and exercising the powers of the Chair in their absence
  • serving as lead for fundraising activities that benefit the Staff Sustainability Network 
  • Building relationships with like-minded departments and organizations on campus, and in the San Diego region

C.  The duties of the Treasurer include:

  • draft and manage the annual SSN budget from July-June of each year
  • recording and depositing all monies collected by the Staff Sustainability Network
  • issuing payment for all legitimate expenses of the Staff Sustainability Network subject to the approval of the Executive Board
  • preparing and presenting a monthly financial report to the Executive Board

The Treasurer’s Social Security number will be used for the Staff Sustainability Network’s USE Credit Union checking accounts.

D. The duties of the Recording Secretary include:

  • recording the transactions and attendance of members of all Executive Board and SSN meetings
  • distributing meeting minutes to members of the Executive Board and membership
  • running SSN elections, including creating a timeline, managing the nomination process, and coordinating and administering the ballot
  • managing an archive of all SSN documents including meeting minutes, agendas, Staff Association forms, and event announcements. Coordinating with the Communications Officer to make these documents available online
  • submitting the annual paperwork each August necessary to renew the SSN

E. The duties of the Communications Officer include:

  • writing copy for SSN events, fliers, emails, and website
  • publicizing events through email lists, blink,UCSD calendar, marketplace, and other distribution networks
  • managing SSN website

F. The duties of the Membership Chair include:

  • recruitment of new members through a variety of outreach methods (ideas: email new UCSD employees, new staff association members, tabling at events, handout at new staff orientation)
  • send welcome email to all new members that includes bylaws, new member questionnaire, and other important SSN information
  • tracking membership expiration dates and soliciting renewals
  • maintaining current list of all SSN and Executive Board members
  • managing SSN member and Executive Board email listserv

G. The duties of the Events Coordinator include:

  • oversees all SSN events
  • outlines the details of each event, including budget
  • recruits members to participate in the events, including a lead
  • assists the lead in coordinating with all the departments involved in the organization of the event
  • serves as a resource to staff on campus interested in hosting green or zero waste events




Section 1:        The SSN election process occurs annual April-June, and will proceed as follows:

  1. In early April, an email soliciting nominations shall be sent to all members, and open positions announced at the general April meeting. Members may self-nominate or nominate others.
  2. The Recording Secretary contacts those nominated to confirm their interest, and submits a final list of candidates at the Executive Board’s May meeting. An official list of candidates is sent out to membership.
  3. Candidates are given time to speak at the general May meeting.
  4. In late May a secret ballot shall be distributed via e-mail to the entire membership and the results are reported by early June, by name only, to all regular members.
  5. New officers sit in on the Executive Board’s June meeting, in preparation to take over in July.

Section 2:        A quorum, consisting of a simple majority of the regular members, is required to elect members of the Executive Board.


Meetings of the Members

Section 1:        Meetings of the entire membership may be held as often as required but at least one time each fiscal year at a date, time, and place designated by the Executive Board. At least five working days' notice will be given for the announcement of the meeting.

Section 2:        Special meetings of the entire membership may be called by the Executive Board. These meetings require three days advance notice.

Section 3:        Announced educational programs are open to the general campus and the membership at large. If required, a portion of this meeting may be used to conduct general business.


Section 4:        A quorum, consisting of over ten percent of the regular members, is sufficient to transact all business of the Staff Sustainability Network except election of the Executive Board and its officers.



Standing or special committees are appointed by the Chair of the Staff Sustainability Network as the Executive Board deems necessary to carry on the work of the association. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.


Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Staff Sustainability Network in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Staff Sustainability Network may adopt.


Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended at a general business meeting or by electronic voting of the Staff Sustainability Network membership by a two-thirds vote. The amendment must have been circulated at least ten working days prior to the meeting. A majority of those voting by mail may take place instead of at the general meeting as long as the amendments have been circulated at least ten working days prior to the vote.


Association Assets

In the event the UC San Diego Staff Sustainability Network is dissolved, all assets will be used only for UCSD sustainability efforts as determined by the Executive Board.

Revised May 28, 2015