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IdeaWave: Updates on Previous Campaigns

Learn more about past IdeaWave campaigns by clicking on any of the links below.

Use the data table below to find links to past IdeaWave campaigns. See additional tips for using data tables. Use the Filter box to narrow the results displayed.

Campaign Title Sponsor Launch (Year-Month) Status
Triton Spark Student Fee Advisory Committee 2017-04


Building the Department of Pharmacy Strategic Plan Charles Daniels, PhD 2017-02 Closed
Collective Impact as a Pathway to Reinvigorate Broadening Participation in STEM Kim Barrett, PhD 2016-11 Closed
Improving the Staff Experience Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor 2016-06 In progress
IdeaBox Rajesh Gupta, PhD 2016-04 Ongoing
Working Together to Save Energy Gary Matthews 2016-05 In progress
Improve Our Commuting: Parking Options Gary Matthews 2016-03 In progress
Optimizing Process and Technology for Event-Related Transactions at UC San Diego Faye Mccullough 2016-01 Closed
Staff Performance Appraisal Process Robert Crouch 2015-12 In progress
Hiring, Orienting, and Engaging the Campus Community 2015-07 In progress
Campus Challenge to Reduce Administrative Burden Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor 2015-06 Closed