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IdeaWave: Technical Support

Review technical support topics for IdeaWave.

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Log in to IdeaWave

Faculty and Staff

Sign on to ideawave.ucsd.edu with your active directory or business systems credentials. 

  • Active Directory: Sign-in with your UC San Diego email credentials.
  • Business systems: Sign-in with your business systems credentials.


Sign on to ideawave.ucsd.edu with your TritonLink login credentials by selecting “Student SSO” located to the right of the credentials field (or underneath on mobile devices).


If you are having trouble logging in, try these solutions:

  • Confirm that there is an “s” after “http” in the URL: https://ideawave.ucsd.edu
  • Close and relaunch all browser windows to clear cache and cookies. 
  • Firefox users: add-on extensions and themes may cause an issue where clicking hyperlinks results in a blank page or no redirect. If this is the case, try running Firefox in safe mode
  • If all else fails, try accessing IdeaWave with a different browser. Some Mac users have issues with accessing IdeaWave through the Safari browser. Try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.

If your IdeaWave session times out due to inactivity, you may not be automatically logged out of TritonLink or SSO. If you encounter the below login screen, close your browser completely and log in again via Tritonlink or SSO.

direct ideawave login

If your IdeaWave session times out and you are rerouted back to SSO, select your sign-in mode from the drop-down menu to the right of the credential fields (or underneath on mobile devices) to log in again.

Signal Sign-On

IdeaWave on mobile devices

The IdeaWave site is designed to work on mobile devices, even though there are no OS-specific IdeaWave mobile apps,

Save the IdeaWave web app shortcut to your mobile desktop for easy access:

iPhone/ iPad

Use Safari to log into IdeaWave, tap the AirDrop symbol in the bottom browser menu and select “Add to Home Screen.”



Use Chrome to log into IdeaWave, tap the top menu button and select “Add to Home screen.”


Windows Phone

Use Internet Explorer to log into IdeaWave, tap the More (…) button select “Pin to Start.”

windows phone

Password reset

IdeaWave does not have an independent login and password. To reset your password for IdeaWave, you must reset the account you use to log in:

Note: the password retrieval option will not work from the direct IdeaWave sign-in page (with the Geisel Library background image).

User profile

Modify your user profile in IdeaWave:

From the IdeaWave homepage, click on “Profile” to the right of the search bar in the upper right corner. Navigate to the “Profile Data” tab, scroll down to the “More About Me” section. 

Note: You are not able to modify the content of the “General” section on the profile data tab or on the main profile tab. This information is pulled directly from university databases.

Email notifications

From your profile, navigate to the “Preferences” tab, click on the Email Transmission drop-down menu and choose to turn email notifications on or off.

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