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Persona-Based Resources

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UC San Diego Persona Description
Research Administrator/ Fund Manager
  • Involves providing analytical, financial and training activities in support of contract and grant proposal development, grant-writing, funding, administration, and budget development.
  • Activities may include pre-award proposal initiatives, management of funds post-award, and closeout activities for federal, state, local and private sponsors.
  • Involves activities associated with analyzing research funding trends and sources, forecasting, planning, and managing of research portfolios by performing some or all of the following:
    • Coordinating and identifying and developing and / or presenting proposals, contracts and other agreements
    • Reviewing proposals to ensure institutional compliance and program success
    • Negotiating, administering and monitoring contract and grant awards, including compliance with regulations, terms and conditions
    • Financial management and reporting
    • Subaward / subcontract issuance and administration