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How to Update Visa Information in UCPath

Updating visa information in UCPath requires action by the department and the employee.

To update your immigration status/work authorization in the UCPath Payroll System, take these three steps: 

  1. Meet with your department to complete a new or reverified Form I-9 Employment verification.  Ask your department to meet with you and complete a new or reverified Form I-9, preferably via Tracker I-9 Complete. If the Form I-9 is completed outside of Tracker I-9 Complete, the department needs to follow the instructions for creating and submitting a historical Form I-9. These actions will update the UC Work Authorization tab of the citizenship screen in UCPath.
  2. Update Glacier
    1. Log in to Glacier
    2. Update your Glacier record to reflect your new work authorization end date, but don’t change your “original or anticipated date of entry to the U.S.” If you enter permanent resident, Glacier will kick you out of the system because you no longer need a record, and that’s o.k. Continue to steps 2 and 3.
    3. Go all the way through the record, updating as necessary, but never change the “Original or anticipated date of entry to the U.S.” field. 
    4. At the end, choose to print the forms, which creates a pdf.
    5. Redact your SSN and sign the forms electronically.
    6. Make a pdf of the signed forms and required document copies listed in the bottom right section of your Glacier Tax Summary Report. If you have an EAD, include it with those documents.
    7. Email the pdf to the UCSD Payroll Division at
    8. Step 2 plus step 3 will update the Visa/Permit Data tab on the citizenship screen in UCPath.
  3. Notify UCPath of your new status or end date:
    1. To log in to UCPath follow the first 5 steps on our page "How to Update Your Tax Withholding"
    2. Click the yellow “Ask UCPath” button in the top right of the UCPath screen
    3. Select "Submit an inquiry for myself."
    4. Type your name and click search.
    5. Click "Create an Inquiry"
    6. In the Requested By screen, choose "employee."
    7. Topic:  Payroll
    8. Category: Submit Form, Payroll Administration
    9. Subject: Update Immigration Status
    10. Description:  Please update my immigration status to reflect the attached document(s)
    11. Click on "Choose File" and choose a pdf of the document (DS-2019, I-797, permanent resident card, or I-20 + EAD (if applicable)
    12. Click Submit Inquiry.
    13. Step 2 plus step 3 will update the Visa/Permit Data tab on the citizenship screen in UCPath.

If you have questions, please go to UCSD Services and Support, choose “Payroll, Academic Personnel & HR,” then “Get help and order services.” You’ll then be able to log in and submit your questions.