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UC Health Data Day

Learn about UC Health Data Day.

UC San Diego Health’s data repositories contain more than 50 billion rows of clinical data and are essential tools in biomedical research and quality improvement.

Event detailsUC Health Data Day: Learning from every patient

At UC Health Data Day, learn what clinical data is available, how to gain access to it, and the UC San Diego infrastructure available to securely analyze this data. Gain insight into regulatory and institutional policies on the use of our clinical data assets for research and care improvement.

This free event is open to all Faculty, Postdocs, UC Students and Staff

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  • Data management and the data lifecycle – from project concept to data preservation and archiving
  • What health data is available, where is it, and how do I ask for it?
  • Going from cohort discovery to patient records
  • Complying with policies and processes for privacy preservation and data security
  • UC San Diego Health infrastructure and systems to support research using personal health information (PHI)
  • CTRI’s concierge data services
  • Patient questionnaires and electronic patient reported information (ePRI)
  • Data from mobile devices and sensors


  • Epic’s SlicerDicer and finding patient populations of interest
  • Searching UC data with UC-Research eXchange (UC-ReX)
  • Querying UC data and beyond with the pScanner data network
  • UC San Diego Data Extraction of Structured Information (DESI)
  • UC San Diego Health’s “Virtual Desktop for Research”
  • UC-wide Clinical Data Warehouse
  • Tableau, our enterprise-wide visualization tool

UC Health Data Day is hosted by:

UC San Diego Health Information Services, along with UC San Diego Health, Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute, Department of Biomedical Informatics, UC San Diego Research Information Technology, UC Irvine Health Information Services, and the UC Irvine Institute of Clinical Translational Science