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Blink Redesign

Read about the Blink redesign featuring a new user experience coming August 7.

The New Blink is coming into focus Blink blur

Blink, UC San Diego’s employee intranet, is getting an upgrade. August 7  you’ll enjoy a new user experience designed to better integrate with your work day and provide quick, easy access to helpful, useful information. The refresh project is based on direct user feedback.

The Blink team has been working directly with designated content managers from all departments to ensure they are prepared. Additionally, no information will be lost – all existing content will be automatically migrated into the new Blink design described below.

What's Changing

  • New and improved search (implemented June 19)
  • Upgraded page templates so Blink will now look and function like the newest versions of other UC San Diego websites with the same graphic-rich modules
  • New homepage featuring a simplified design, plus prominent links to search, tools, and resources that help you do your job
  • New top navigation bar providing quicker links to critical content and departmental information
  • Focus on news and event information with links to a news and events archive (phase 2)
  • Centralized process for mandatory content review (phase 2)

Upgrade Timeline

To prepare for migrating existing content into the new format, Blink updates will be paused starting Monday, August 3 on the following schedule:  

  • August 3-5: Blink editors cannot update pages. The Blink team will continue to update the homepage and may be able to make emergency updates as requested
  • August 6-7: Blink completely frozen (no edits are possible) until the new design debuts Friday, August 7

Project Background

Why are we doing this?

Blink hasn't had a fresh coat of paint since 2014 and the model hasn't significantly changed since its inception in 2000. The Web CMS team updated the site in 2017 and then offered the modern (V5 modules) upgrade to campus sites. Since then, we've upgraded more than 100 sites and created around 75 new ones.

Site owners and users alike enjoy the full-width homepage template and modules that provide for efficient visual scanning with minimal supporting text.

So it’s time that Blink, the most frequently visited site on campus, is given those same advantages. Additionally, upgrading Blink to V5 streamlines the CMS development process, allowing the team to focus improvements and enhancements on a single set of templates that can then easily be pushed out to campus sites.

We started with hearing what you have to say

328 of you participated in our end user survey last year. Here's what we found:

  • The top 3 things you go to Blink for are:
    1. Directory/ Staff search
    2. Information to help you do your job
    3. Links to other tools and applications
  • Most of you are frequent users who go to Blink more than twice a day or have Blink as your homepage.
  • You think it's hard to find things in Blink. Here's why:
    • There's so much to wade through.
    • You're looking for news and event information that is no longer on the homepage.
    • You're looking for things that you expect to find in Blink such as "Muir college" ( or "staff picnic" (
    • You are confused about the difference between topics, such as "Human Resources" and department information "Human Resources".
    • Information is often outdated or contradictory.
    • Search just isn't very good.
  • If you could just change one thing on Blink it would be:
    • Improve search.
    • Make it simple and up to date.
    • Modernize the design – especially the homepage.
    • Delete content that is no longer valid.
    • "If it dispensed a single M&M, I wouldn't be upset."
If you have questions or need additional help with the Blink upgrade, please contact us at

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