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Homepage Improvements

Learn about Blink homepage and navigation improvements that make it easier to access tools.

Last year's redesign

  • New homepage featuring a simplified design with prominent links to search, tools and applications, and resources to help you do your job.
  • New top navigation bar providing quicker links to critical content and departmental information.
  • New and improved search access and functionality.

Now, a new tools menu

  • In order to provide more direct links to content, we originally moved individual tool links from the top navigation bar to other locations on the homepage.
  • Based on your feedback, we've added a separate top nav bar containing all of the tools that you use on a daily basis. Your tool links are back to being only one click away from the top of every Blink page:


More news is good news

  • Our new 2021 homepage design features increased space for campus and staff news, announcements, and opportunities.
  • The larger news section allows for items to remain on the page for a few more days, giving you more time to notice and interact with them.
  • We've also added an upcoming events section, and links to campuswide news and events sources:

New news and announcements screenshot

Old favorites

  • Use MyBlink to set up quick bookmarks to the reference pages or tools you use most frequently (bottom right of homepage).
  • Pay dates and other business calendar items remain at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Search for staff and faculty at the top right of every page across the website.
Contact Workplace Technology Services for more information.