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Human Resources Council

Learn about the Human Resources Council and see a list of its members.

Human Resources Council

The Human Resources Council has been established to play a significant role in assisting the Human Resources Department with developing human resources programs and services to support the strategic initiatives of each of the UCSD vice chancellor areas.

Objectives of the Human Resources Council:

  • In partnership with the Human Resources Department, develop a business initiatives plan with programmatic and service priorities and implementation time tables
  • Assist the Human Resources Department with tracking the implementation and the effectiveness of business initiatives
  • Assist in the development of metrics and feedback mechanisms to assess Human Resources’ service delivery
  • Ensure that Human Resources leadership is cognizant of important human resources issues and developments in each of the vice chancellor areas
  • Provide a forum for candid information exchange among Council members and HR leadership that strengthens working partnerships and facilitates creative problem solving
  • Develop the foundation for UCSD’s staff succession planning efforts and continue building organizational diversity
  • Develop a strategy that improves the timeliness of communication delivery and understanding of human resources issues occurring locally, at the UC Office of the President, in the collective bargaining arena, as well as the understanding of the implications of changing (state and federal) laws



Danner, Barbara Chief Financial Officer
Dover, Mira Resource Management & Planning
Fehling, Amber Marine Sciences
Ison, Jessica Student Affairs
McDermaid, Stacey Research
Morris, Courtney Health Systems
Muylle, Cyndi Academic Affairs
Serrano, Aileen Chancellor's Office
Smith, Mary Advancement