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FinancialLink Focus Group

Read about the FinancialLink Advisory Committee and see a list of its members.

FinancialLink Focus Group

The FinancialLink Focus Group advises ITS regarding FinancialLink enhancements, gathers input from other campus FinancialLink users through subteams, and sponsors a subteam that provides FinancialLink training through Staff Education and Development.



Byrant-Parkinson, Isabella VCHS Research Service Core
Camacho, Patty Division of Biological Sciences
Chen, Jennie Chemistry & BioChemistry
Gallardo, Julie San Diego Super Computer
Grau, Jennifer Information Technology Services
Kettnich, Cheryl VCHS Research Service Core
Kibble Koshi, Alison (Co-Chair) Information Technology Services - Budget & Finance
Kochan, Jillian Pediatrics
Louie, Jennifer Division of Biological Sciences
Marshall, Andrina Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nelson, Minerva SIO - Integrative Oceanography Division
Prough, Marissa Yessis OPAFS
Sanders, Ellen BFS - General Accounting
Sweetman, William Information Technology Services
Uhl, Becky SIO - Geosciences Research Division
Xavier, Irene (Chair) SIO - Marine Physical Laboratory