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OSI: Core Services

Learn about the Core Services offered by OSI.

OSI works as a partner with campus in our efforts to accomplish Goal 5 of the strategic plan: “Creating an agile, sustainable, and supportive infrastructure by ensuring a dedication to service, people, and financial stewardship.”  To accomplish Goal 5 our campus is taking incremental steps, as well as making larger, more transformative shifts.  When partnering with campus OSI makes a deliberate attempt to balance service quality, operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and employee satisfaction and effectiveness in each engagement.  By paying attention to this critical nexus we help deliver end-to-end solutions that allow UC San Diego to be a Student Centered, Research Focused, Service Oriented, Public University. 

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The OSI team both supports and leads incremental projects and transformational initiatives across campus, with a focus on helping drive sustainable excellence in our operations, fostering continuous innovation, and enabling UC San Diego’s strategic plan.  We partner in many ways, including:

Articulate Impact

Assisting units in demonstrating departmental impact and alignment to the strategic plan through the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), data visualization, performance dashboards, and the drafting and publishing of impact reports

Business Process Improvement

Assisting units in balancing service excellence, operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and employee satisfaction by identifying and defining areas for improvement, developing “as is” and “to be” process maps, assessing baseline performance metrics, analyzing the root cause of issues, recommending and implementing changes to key processes, and developing control plans to track success and service levels after changes are implemented

Committee Operations

Staffing various strategic committees on campus, including the Strategic Plan Council and the Standing Committee on Service and People Oriented Culture (SC-SPOC), by providing meeting preparation, data, research and analytics, leading discussions, and implementing committee initiatives

Collaboration and Awareness

Fostering an open dialogue across campus for those who are striving to deliver on the goals and strategies of the strategic plan through “in person” events  for us to connect and share best practices and “virtual” discussions to allow for broader engagement

Gather and Assess Opportunities

Tapping into the collective genius of campus is through campus-wide brainstorms – check out IdeaWave and submit your ideas, add to someone else’s idea, or just read some of the hot topics

Innovation and New Models

Partnering to facilitate, identify, vet, and define solutions or new ways of operation through solution finding, drafting business cases, understanding and articulating costs and benefits, and evaluating potential revenue and funding models to support innovative efforts

Organizational Alignments

Facilitating organizational realignments as a neutral and objective reviewer of financials, assets, resources, and business processes to ensure the “as is” quality is maintained/improved during the transition and that a framework is in place to deliver the business objectives of the realignment

Organizational Assessments

Leading efforts to collect feedback on customer satisfaction and work engagement, conducting statistical modeling, and providing guidance on how to translate survey data into strategic actions - check out the annual campus-wide surveys of faculty, staff, and students and learn more about optimizing your department’s service and effectiveness through the use of these instruments

Project Management

Providing experienced project managers on complex campus projects that drive results and deliver the desired outcomes by applying best practice methodologies for all phases of project management including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling

Strategic Portfolio Management

Balancing our portfolio, we strive to partner on initiatives that deliver campus wide benefit and as such we prioritize our portfolio of opportunities to align with the Strategic Plan goals and strategies

Strategy Development and Execution

Assisting units in aligning their strategic and annual plan/goals with the campus strategic plan, including facilitation of strategic retreats and related analytics and planning, as well as providing guidance on strategies that are holistic and integrate the perspectives of your customers, your staff, your business process KPIs, and key stakeholders