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Student Satisfaction Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Student Satisfaction Survey! Please check back in a few weeks for the survey results.

Student Satisfaction Survey 2017 infographicThe annual Student Satisfaction Survey has been used at UC San Diego since 1995, originally to provide key metrics to inform Balanced Scorecards for performance management in student business units in Business Affairs. Today, the survey includes 51 departments and units across 5 Vice Chancellor areas and is used by leaders to specifically understand the needs of their student customers. By measuring and taking action on feedback from student customer satisfaction, departments are supporting the UC San Diego Strategic Plan of creating an agile and sustainable infrastructure by ensuring dedication to a people and service oriented culture. 

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Survey Results


  • The 2017 Student Satisfaction Survey period was January 11 through February 17, 2017.
  • 34,301 students including undergraduate, graduate, medical students were invited to participated in the survey
  • 9,800 (29%) responded to the survey                                                                                                                                           

Survey Results

Top Rated Areas

Top 10 Highest Rated Areas in 2017 (4.0 and higher):

  • Student Success Coaching Program (4.5)
  • Chancellor's Associate Scholars Program (4.4)
  • Women's Center (4.4)
  • Raza Resource Center (4.4)
  • Black Resource Center (4.4)
  • Cross Cultural Center (4.3)
  • Custodial Services (4.3)
  • Undocumented Student Services (4.3)
  • LGBT Resource Office (4.2)
  • Student Veteran's Resource Center (4.2)


Most Improved Areas:

Department 2016 2017
Landscaping Services 3.69 4.02
Cal-SOAP 3.62 3.81
Campus Parking 1.93 2.12
AS Student Government 3.27 3.43
AS SPACE 3.92 4.06
Guardian Newspaper 3.62 3.75
Campus Dining 3.18 3.31
Police/Public Safety 3.77 3.90
Cross Cultural Center 4.21 4.34
Center for Student Involvement 3.77 3.88
TritonLink 3.78 3.89
Women's Center 4.30 4.40

Student Quotes

  • “The LGBT Resource office offers a warm, welcoming, and safe place for students on campus.  They also have friendly staff and student interns!”
  • “I like everything about the Student Success Coaching Program! I always feel lost at UCSD, but the coaching
    program really does help me get through school every quarter.”
  • “The Women’s Center holds valuable discussions that strongly influences the community. I enjoy the positive and uplifting space, and how all opinions are respected at events.”

Departmental Actions

Here are some actions taken by departments in direct response to student feedback from the 2017 Student Satisfaction Survey:

Surveyed Area Survey Results Actions Taken Impact
Housing, Dining, Hospitality - Culinary Services Convenience and student suggestions Expanded hours with first 24-hr location.

Broad service window for the campus community.


Housing, Dining, Hospitality - Recreation Increasing residential student programs in partner of Recreations department

Expanded support for a number of Recreation programs for students living in campus housing.  Programs include Student Personal Wellness, Outback Adventures, and Fitlife Mobile programs.

Provided wellness programs to hundreds of students living in campus housing.
Housing, Dining, Hospitality Complaints about lack of affordable housing for grad/prof students

Continue construction of Mesa Nueva Single Grad/Prof student housing project with first move-ins scheduled fo 8/1/2017.


Delivering needed affordable housing to support our students 
Housing, Dining, Hospitality

Complaints about lack of affordable housing for grad/prof students /two yr limit in housing


Initating two additional grad/prof student housing projects (Nuevo West and Nuevo East) in 2017-18.  Delivering one of the largest grad student housing programs in the country
Housing, Dining, Hospitality

Complaints about the lack of affordable housing for single UG students and the two yr limit in housing 


Initiating the NTPLLN single UG housing and dining components for opening fall 2020. Delivering the largest SUG housing project on the campus 


Here are some actions taken by departments from past survey results in direct response to Student Satisfaction Survey feedback:

  • Cashier Office changed their operating hours to better meet the needs of the students
  • Dining enhanced their menu choices to include healthier and vegan options
  • Housing improved lounge and shared living spaces in response to student feedback
  • Facilities Management instituted a client response system to more quickly address customer requests
  • Transportation offered specific commuting alternatives per the feedback received
  • Campus Shuttle brought back a shuttle route after hearing the feedback from customers
  • Transportation Services introduction of a real time shuttle arrival system to save customers time
  • Bookstore refreshed their store layout and customer service training
  • Career Services Center updated their Port Triton system to make their search feature more user friendly for students seeking quality internships

Prize Winners

Congratulations to our lucky winners from 2017!


 $400 Visa Gift Card Grand Prize Winner:

  • Victoria Krista Nakaganeku

 "Swag Basket" Winners:

  • Trevor Wong
  • Po Ling Cheung

 Amazon Gift Card Winners:

  • Michael Young
  • Hee Eun Kwon
  • Andrea Susana Mendoza Vasconez
  • Jinhan Zhang
  • Amisha Bhanage
Thank you for taking the survey!
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