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Postdocs@UCSD Survey

See this past year's Postdocs@UCSD Survey results.

About the Survey

The purpose of the Postdocs@UCSD Survey is to collect data to help us understand how postdocs feel about their training and work environment, as well as other issues that impact the climate at UC San Diego. It measures department and mentor effectiveness from the postdoc’s perspective and provides valuable data that will help us identify issues that needs addressing.

The survey has been statistically validated to measure 6 key dimensions concerning:

  • Satisfaction with UC San Diego
  • Department Mission and Goals
  • Department Effectiveness
  • PI/Mentor Effectiveness
  • Postdoc Effectiveness and Satisfaction
  • Campus Climate

With the success of the Staff@Work survey, in 2018 the Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Research decided to expand this model to include postdocs and measure UC San Diego’s climate from the postdoc’s perspective.


The results of the survey will initially be analyzed by the Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs/Vice Chancellor for Research. Then the information will be made available to departments/units providing at least 5 respondents. In reviewing results, we will see what we do well and what needs extra attention.


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2018 Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the 2018 Postdocs@UCSD Survey! 

Here are the high-level results:

The reports include satisfaction mean scores, trend analysis, scatterplots and strengths and opportunities. 

Please contact your Survey Administrator for additional information:

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