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Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey

Learn about the Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey at UC San Diego.

"Tell us how we're doing. Help us help you."

The annual Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey has been used CSS 2017 Infographicat UC San Diego since 1994, originally to provide key metrics to inform Balanced Scorecards for performance management in core business units across campus. We survey in a university setting to know if we are helping to support the mission of the university. As business units, these are the questions we should regularly be asking ourselves:

  • Did we help a researcher spend more time in their lab (i.e., rather than track down policies
    and fill out confusing forms)?
  • Did we help a faculty member concentrate their efforts toward their student's learning (i.e., rather than hours spent on processing administrative paperwork)?
  • Did we enhance a student's overall experience (i.e., rather than stressing them with red tape, hoops, and waiting in lines)?
  • Did we help an administrator focus on their most mission critical work (i.e., rather than getting bounced around from desk to desk to get an issue resolved)?

The survey is service-oriented and is in keeping with Goal 5 of UC San Diego's Strategic Plan. It asks customers to provide feedback on their overall satisfaction (i.e., are we courteous, knowledgeable, and available to you?) and asks customers if business units are meeting their needs. Customers are also able to provide their comments and offer special recognition to business units/departments or individuals who have provided exceptional customer service. A "customer" is any stakeholder of UC San Diego's mission and success. Faculty, academic staff, administrative staff, and students are all customers of the services that are provided by campus departments. Business units hold themselves accountable by taking action on customers' input and communicating changes based on their feedback.

Download the 2018 Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey infographic (PDF)

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2018 Survey Results


  • The 2018 Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey was open from September 19 through October 17, 2018.
  • 11,594 faculty and staff were invited to take the survey (8,059 Staff and 3,535 Academic Personnel/Faculty)
  • 3,833 (33%) responded

Survey Results

  • Departments with Excellent Ratings (4.30 and higher):                                                                                                                                                             
     Department  Overall Mean Score
    LGBT Resource Center  4.48
    Women's Center  4.44
    Faculty & Staff Assistance Program  4.39
    Raza Resource Centro  4.39
    Library 4.34
    International Center Dean's Office 4.30
  • Overall satisfaction results by VC area (PDF)
  • Overall satisfaction mean score ranking (PDF)

2018 Participating Departments

The 2018 Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey included 70 administrative departments/ units across 7 Vice Chancellor areas. View a list of the participating departments and their descriptions (PDF)

Special Recognition

Customers could nominate departments they feel have provided exceptional customer service.  The nomination criteria were as follows:

  • Frequency: Refers to the number of times department/unit/team was mentioned in the open-ended (verbatim) recognition question in the survey
  • Personal Experience: From my personal experience the department/unit/team provides exceptional customer service.
  • Effort Despite Adversity: The department/unit/team demonstrates a real effort to improve services, despite adversities they faced in the past year.
  • Moving in the Right Direction: I see the department/unit/team moving in the right direction to better meet my needs.
  • Absolutely Critical: I believe the department/unit/team is absolutely critical and value-added in helping me do my job.

 Departments which received the most nominations in 2018:

 Department   VC Area  Frequency   Experience  Effort  Moving  Critical
Custodial Services RMP 298   225 143 139 143
ITS Service Desk CFO 238 182 102 93 135
Library  AA 194 140 79 79 88
EH&S RMP 191 142 87 78 98
Bookstore  RMP 172 126 63 65 66
Building Maintenance & Repair Services RMP 154 107 74 69 73
Payroll  CFO  151 116 60 53 75
Dining Services  CFO  135 98 70 62 61
UC San Diego Catering  CFO  107 87 50 43 51
FSAP CFO 102 77 40 32 54
ITS Field Support CFO 97 80 51 44 59
Benefits CFO 95 63 41 34 34
Parking RMP 95 72 49 49 48
OCGA RA 91 69 32 34 50
Imprints - Print & Copy Centers RMP 88 73 34 34 44
Police/Public Safety RMP 88 64 45 38 45
Recreation SA 86 71 39 42 40
Sunshine Market RMP 83 67 34 31 32

Actions Taken

Here are some actions taken by departments in direct response to faculty/staff feedback from past Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Surveyed Area Survey Results Actions Taken Impact
Research Affairs - Office of Contracts and Grant Administration The results confirmed what our core competencies were (subject matter expertise/knowledge), but more importantly helped to identify and quantify the areas we need to work on (responsiveness and accessibility), which helps us to prioritize our efforts.

Conducted focus groups with departments on the major themes find solutions and identify ways we can improve our services.

Shared the high-level results with the staff.  From the list of primary opportunities, the staff identified several short-term and some long-term solutions for us to implement to address these issues. This was a very collaborative effort. Some of the solutions were:

  • Consistent email signature with working hours included
  • Reminder about the importance of customer service
  • Aligned a team of officers with departments and provided clear contact information on our website
Implementation still in progress.
Housing, Dining, Hospitality - Culinary Services More variety in dining choices Renovated Ocean View Dining and provide certified Kosher and Halal dining options to our customers (students/staff/faculty and community. Across the board, increase in satisfaction comments from customers. Generated positive press for UC San Diego
Housing, Dining, Hospitality - Culinary Services More late night dining options Offered 24-hour dining service at renovated Ocean View dining where customers can go for food and beverages in safe, comfortable surroundings 24 hrs a day -  first and only 24 hour option on campus. Across the board, increase in positive comments to have a 24 hour location available
Housing, Dining, Hospitality - Culinary Services New meal plan for non-residential people. Implemented new Community Plan and Staff & Faculty Discount. Increased perception of value and faculty and staff participation with dining
Housing, Dining, Hospitality - Recreation Program expansion with UCSD Recreations department Further developed our partnership with Recreation to expand occupational injury prevention and FitLife mobile programs. Tripled the number of staff being served by these programs



Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

FSAP counselors now routinely call new clients after their first sessions if they have not already scheduled for a follow up appointment, because they received feedback from a few clients that they would have enjoyed more follow up.

Business & Financial Services

  • Saw an increased emphasis in standards for compliance especially in PCI security for payment cards and through new auditing, data heavy standards for our external audit. They are now working to certify PCI compliance for the campus. They held a kickoff session for the campus financial and IT communities responsible for secure credit card processing to explain the approach to certifying compliance and their roles and responsibilities. As part of the outreach effort, they also worked through the CFO’s office to fund and provide consulting support from a qualified security assessor to answer any specific questions regarding individual business processes and IT configurations. Longer term, they have also contracted with a certified vendor who can deliver P2PE compliant solutions for campus and medical center merchants to protect payment card transactions and significantly lower the compliance requirements to certify.
  • Equipment Management received feedback about (1) not being responsive/taking too long to respond, (2) not communicating well enough and (3) not enough staff. In response, they designed a new process to complete the campus equipment inventory over two years instead of over a six month period. By stretching out the inventory over 8 quarters, they were able to partition reviews of inventory by department and buildings. They also designed the process to alleviate the burden on departments by supporting each quarterly review with the equipment management team supplemented by two additional full time staff and by contracting with a vendor who will sweep the buildings scheduled each quarter to confirm and supplement the results of their internal efforts.
  • General Accounting received feedback about their Blink site being difficult to navigate and obtain information. In response, they developed and published comprehensive new Blink content to more fully explain the life cycle of a campus payment card merchant from the establishment of a merchant account to the responsibilities and accountability to protect the account.

Staff Education and Development

  • The staff rated the Staff Education and Development website a 3.75 but they wanted to see improvement. In response, Staff Education and Development increased its web presence by 32%, adding 17 pages of new material to its site for a total of 70 web pages.  In addition, 70% of the existing pages were updated and refreshed.
  • Historically the UC Learning Center has received low marks on the Customer Satisfaction Survey, the most recent rating being 3.22. In an effort to improve the customer experience with the UC Learning Center, Staff Education and Development has:
    • Created a UC Learning Center Advisory Committee to gain direct feedback from users
    • Created comprehensive User Guides for learners, managers, and instructors
    • Revised the UCLC web page making it easier for users to find what they need
    • Established customer service response time standards to insure timely feedback to customer inquiries

Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS)

  • In 2013 Procurement and Contracts implemented the Department Business Review (DBR) program to initiate conversations with departments that had given the division an overall score of less than a three. Now as one integrated organization, the 2014 scores from Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (i.e. Disbursements, Material Support Services, Procurement and Contracts, and Travel) were used to identify what departments would receive a DBR. A handout was also created to highlight metrics from across the units including invoice processing time, total packages delivered, and BFSupport customer satisfaction. This has allowed IPPS to jointly target departments that had scored several IPPS units poorly and better address a breadth of questions asked in a single meeting. The departments that have received a Department Business Review (DBR) have been very receptive to the strategy. The meetings have been positive, allowing them to address misperceptions and explain the benefits of the new IPPS organization.
  • The procurement help desk was also transitioned to a different unit and was physically relocated to better align operations with other units. In addition, a Customer Experience initiative was launched to review and enhance the customer service offered by IPPS. This has included a review of existing customer service strategies across the organization, interviews with staff members to ask for their feedback, a review of best-in-class customer service delivery models, and enhancement requests to the BFSupport application. The Customer Experience initiative has also been positively received by the IPPS staff, who have vocalized their desire for change in the customer service strategy.

Shuttle Services

As a direct result of the feedback, a real time shuttle arrival system and enhanced customer service training were implemented.


Due to the feedback, an online option of purchasing parking permits was implemented. They also added more student employees and a coupon code option at the pay stations.

ACT-Help Desk

  • Received feedback from a few customers that complex tickets were not resolved in a timely manner. In response, they made these unresolved tickets available to managers which caused additional awareness and time to resolve and close tickets was decreased.
  • Received survey feedback that indicated that the Help Desk Analysts were not uniformly able to answer all questions and that some Analysts were much better than others. Team meeting frequency was increased to address concerns from customers and supported teams. In addition, all analysts were completed the Help Desk Institute-Support Center Analyst Training to set a baseline of knowledge and understanding. Increasing team meetings has allowed us to proactively address concerns before they escalate into customer dissatisfaction. Including content from the HDI training was used to reinforce what was learned and encourage consistency and follow-thru. Analysts also enjoyed the opportunity to share information and experience which has resulted in positive feedback and team camaraderie.

Prize Winner

Congratulations to the 2018 winner of a $400 UC San Diego Bookstore gift card - Angeline Yang!  Thank you so much for taking the time to help improve our campus through your feedback. 

Angeline Yang


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