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OSI: Continuous Improvement

Learn more about Continuous Improvement at UC San Diego and how OSI supports Continuous Improvement efforts.

What is continuous improvement at UC San Diego?

At UC San Diego, there is a pervasive mindset to constantly strive to make our processes more effective and efficient. This stems from our desire to funnel as much of our resources into the education and research mission as possible, our campus culture of innovation, the opportunity to take advantage of technology advances, and the need to do more with less.

Our campus often refers to itself as a “living laboratory” and we take this seriously at not only a transformational level, but also at a very incremental level where we continuously seek to find ways to streamline, optimize, and improve the quality of our operations. A differentiator in our approach is a deliberate attempt to ensure that as we deliver our services to our community, we keep in mind the critical balance between service quality, operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and employee satisfaction and effectiveness. By paying attention to this critical nexus we help deliver end- to-end solutions that allow UC San Diego to be a Student Centered, Research Focused, Service Oriented, Public University.

What is OSI’s role in supporting continuous improvement efforts?

As an outcome of the strategic planning process, UC San Diego has demonstrated a renewed level of commitment to continuous improvement as a discipline, charging OSI to implement, support, and use best practices in order to ensure a service and people-oriented culture that delivers an optimal blend of service with administrative and operational efficiency. UC San Diego is empowering change agents across the university, resulting in a community of change agents with a common baseline of knowledge surrounding continuous improvement. Through a combination of coaching and leading process improvement initiatives, OSI is driving powerful and measurable changes which span across all Vice Chancellor areas to deliver on our student centered, research focused, and service oriented vision. OSI, working with our campus partners, employs methodologies from Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Change Management, and Project Management to deliver outcomes. We also hold ourselves accountable by performing annual and ad hoc organization performance assessments to ensure we are moving in the right direction. Interested in partnering with OSI? Please fill out our project request form.

What are the current areas of focus for continuous improvement efforts?

  • Align campus resources with UC San Diego’s Mission and Strategic Plan
  • Optimize processes
  • Improve financial effectiveness and efficiency
  • Enhance customer service
  • Foster innovation and growth

How do I get involved?

Join our community of faculty and staff dedicated to continuous improvement at UC San Diego. Check our calendar of events for a schedule of networking opportunities, webinars, conferences, and other events that appeal to colleagues interested in continuous improvement. These events are great opportunities to sharpen your continuous improvement skills, share and learn best practices from colleagues across campus, and broaden your network.

You can also submit your ideas for improvement via IdeaWave, UC San Diego’s tool that facilitates campus-wide brainstorming sessions on critical topics to our community.We want to hear from you!

Become an expert in Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology with instructor-led training at institutions such as UC San Diego Extension and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo! We also offer scholarship opportunities for staff who are committed to continuous improvement through their jobs. Learn more.