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UC San Diego ASK Experience Analysis and Design Study

Customer service on headsets

Learn about the financial and business process customer support survey.

Help us improve customer service for financial and business processes

The ITS Experience Design Team (Office of the CIO), in partnership with the BFS ASK program support team, is conducting a study of the ASK Portal (formerly BFSupport) and customer support for financial and business processes.

Your responses to this survey will help prioritize ways to improve the financial and business process customer support experience - including ASK (BFSupport). Your participation in this experience improvement study will impact the entire UC San Diego financial and business process staff and is of great importance to the university.

Taking the survey

You will be asked to rate how well resources such as ASK, Blink, and other aspects of BFSupport help you complete specific activities. Comment boxes will be available throughout the survey to provide you with an opportunity to tell us something specific about particular aspects of your experience.

Thank you for your participation!