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IT Services: Current Initiatives

Learn about projects and initiatives in progress at IT Services.

IT Services is continually working on the quality of our products and improvement of our services. Here are the projects and initiatives currently in progress across IT Services.

Enterprise System Renewal 

IT Services is leading the largest-ever IT project at UC San Diego. IT Services is reviewing and documenting campus-wide business processes and then working with the process owners and customers to implement business systems based on their needs.

Enterprise Identity Access Management

The Enterprise Identity Access Management (EIAM) team is working toward the creation of a single user identity from the time of first interaction with campus through departure.

Learning Management System Review

Since March of 2017, student, instructor and staff have been interviewed and surveyed to learn what their experiences have been with the TritonEd learning management system. The results have been quantified and will be presented across campus through the Fall Quarter of 2017 to determine the best course of action for improving the electronic course management experience and technology.

Process Palooza

This all-campus business process improvement contest is an opportunity for the campus community to watch as teams apply the Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement tools to business processes. Event attendees will have opportunities to talk to others who have undergone Lean Six Sigma training, learn how continuous process improvement can save departments money and join in the fun of a friendly competition with prizes! Learn more about Process Palooza.

Student Activity Hub

IT Services is contributing to the university's strategic goal for student success with this analytic-based approach to determining student success and identifying those who may benefit from additional resources while at UC San Diego.