Post Award Management System

Working with the Office of Post Award Financial Services, we released a new version of the post award management system—Sponsored Project Accounts Receivable and Cash (SPARC), which ensures fund recovery of $700 million per year. We streamlined 15 major business processes into 4 to increase compliance, minimize risk, and reduce errors.

My Time Entry (MTE)

In partnership with Payroll, we added services to My Time Entry (MTE), the university’s time and attendance tool. MTE has greatly reduced paper use and improved attendance reporting and efficiency. A mobile version was released, making it even more convenient.

Cash Deposit System

We worked with the Cashiers Office to develop the Cash Deposit System (CDS), which helps manage 18,000 sub-cashiering deposits ($32.5 million) and 11,000 departmental deposits ($125 million) annually. CDS provides deposit templates and electronic receipts. For administrators, the system has internal controls, security, and audit trails, which strengthen accountability, reduce processing time, and improve fund availability.

Middleware Modernization

We completed the assessment, selection and design of an open enterprise middleware, JBoss, to gradually replace our legacy application infrastructure. Middleware makes it easier to build applications without having to re-create basic input/output, security, and data communication.